Saturday, August 14, 2010

dirty pictures / photo challenge

late again but finally up

feelin dirty?

i am runnin way later than planned on everything so i am outta heah

byyyyyyyyyyyye folks!

NOTE -- we made it !  ugh.  half hour of recovery time - now it's off to shop. oh and you know - shoppin and drivin are surely my most favorite things in life.

anyhow--  i tried my hardest to post this before we left home this mornin, but as per usual, i was not able to.  so -- here ya go.  extremely late -- don't hate :))

once again - i talk too much - comment to post :))

hi y'all -- i just popped in to say howdy -- saw y'all (thanks for the sympathy's - they are so needed!)  you can see that i am post-poning this journey as long as possible.  ;))

still havin coffee, and chillin.  next i have to get my laundry ready that that has been in the dryer all night long-- i just re-ran it to get the wrinkles out.  i hate doin laundry. :((  if i don't finish it tho- i will have NUTHIN to wear.

also - i remembered - when comin in here that i NEED to find dirt photos for the photo challenge .  as usual-- it slipped my mind.  i planned to take - or find some pix last night.  did i?  hell no.  i will tho.  i gotta get my clothes finished - then i'll toss a few pix up.  then i MUST get my self ready to get on the road.

y'all be safe and have great weekends in your worlds !

and just in case i don't have to tell ya -- this has obviously become my post for today ;))

latah -