Friday, November 13, 2009

i could tatoo the u.s road map on my arm, and STILL get lost !!!

hi peeps.
i bet you already know where this is goin , dontchya? yup. yesterday was a friggin nightmare! even with the GPS. i think even 'it' hates me. are y'all sure that yesterday wasn't 'friday the 13th' ? yeh, i know. today is. and i think, for once, i kinda fear that.
oh man. finding the airport yesterday-- was pure hell. i know, it had to have been my fat fingers, pressing the wrong button on the GPS when i left home. i swear to all that is holy though, i was certain , i saw, and read it right-- and that i did press the button that said 'Dallas love field'. Obviously, i was mistaken. something went wrong. but of course-- it took me a complete HOUR to realize that error. and a unfamiliar drive all the way to frickin Dallas! y'all know i luuuuuv Dallas. NOT.
know where i ended up? oh, it was an airport-- a damn airplane graveyard type of place-- at a dead end damn dirt road. if i would have been at the right place though? i would have been right on time. my friend called just as i was asking some construction worker-- who could have been a mass murderer- out in the middle of no-damn-where- i had a gut feeling, along with a feeling of dread , that this was just not good. so-- i pick up the phone - tell her to hang on- then i ask the guy-- one of like three i guess-- " am i anywhere near love field?" -- with a sinking feeling that the answer would be what it was-- or similar. know what he said? "love field?, oh hell NO"... "that's about thirty or forty miles that way" --- pointing in the direction i had just COME FROM!!! it was all i could do to not bust out in tears at that second.
thank you.
i turned around and stopped a little bit up the road--- almost forgetting my friend was still on the phone, ugh. so i stopped and talked to her , and reset my GPS-- i was almost in tears. not just because i was lost-- and late. and was going to be like an hour longer to get to her. but my back was killing me. absolutely on fire. i swear people driving by must have thought i had tourettes or something. i had ONE pain pill with me, i took it-- but it did nothing. i couldn't believe this pain, burning, stabbing, torture. and there i was stressed, worried, nervous, lost. mental, might sum it up.
the pain i was feeling was the type that i just couldn't even be silent with. i was alone in the car-- and i would grunt, scream -sorta, just ugh, i don't know- it was horrible. i wanted to call my dr, and ask WTF is wrong? i am really thinkin somethin got messed up. this just cannot be normal.

well.. anyhow-- i did get to the airport finally. thinking i never would, feeling totally lost the entire time. i had no idea where i was or where i was going. i had ZERO faith in my GPS now. in fact i almost tossed it out the window several times. i called soulman a few times-- but he couldn't answer-- cuz he was teaching. he finally did call me back-- he felt so bad for me. i was so on the verge of tears and so stressed out. i did tell him i had got lost-- and where i was then.. he said i was doin ok, i was in the right area and not too far away. so that helped. mentally anyhow. my back was making me want to jump out of the moving car! all i kept thinking was -- how i wished my friend knew how to drive in this kind of traffic. well i got there-- and the first thing she said was "do you want me to drive?"
we had talked, by then 3-4 times on the phone-- i couldn't even pretend to not be in pain. i told her-- i would love for you to drive- but the traffic is hell here. she said she could handle it-- and thank God she did. and did a wonderful job. i wasn't even scared. even soulman makes me nervous with his driving. i think she will do fine here. her first test being dfw traffic at 330 in the afternoon. woo hoo.

so. we get to the house. as you know- we were sposed to go to opening night at the play at school. well... that didn't happen. my back wouldn't allow it. i thought if i took meds, and a shower, and ate-- i might 'bounce back'. think that happened?
oh hell no. look who you're talkin to here.
so. hubby took her back to school, and he watched the play. unfortunately by himself. he took the camera-- but photos are 'strictly prohibited'. bummer.
he said he really enjoyed the play. and man i hope i can go tonight. i need to not do anything, besides baby my back today, so i can make that happen. if i can manage to get myself over there-- my friend and i will go. she can drive- if that is an issue for me. but if i don't go tonight-- i won't get to go at all, due to the prepping etc over the weekend. so i have to be sure i take care of myself and go tonight.

other than that-- i am happy my friend-- i will eventually use her name-- or a name-- i just need to find out what she's comfortable with on here. anyhow--- all went well. and i am happy to see her. seems she is happy to see us too. i wish i would have felt better when she got here. the timing wasn't so great i reckon as far as my body goes.
but hopefully after the gastro tests and all that stuff settles down, i'll be ok.. and she can be more comfortable.

on that happy note-- i must get ready to take my youngster to school.

y'all have happy fridays-- and better weekends!