Sunday, May 20, 2007

third post for today


can you say bored? how bout lazy? what should the word of the day be today? how about... hermit? or - bored , lazy, hermit. i am a bored, lazy, procrastinating...hermit. and ya know, my mood went south pretty quickly this evening. i think it was about dinner time. i got a migraine, and had to cook, i went to blockbuster first....i have no idea why i bothered, cuz no one watched any movies. oh well. then when i got back i fixed dinner. i had planned on stir fry...but ended up with chili cheese dogs. cuz i felt like crap. and i didn't finish a dang thing i started today. i started laundry...didn't finish it though...there's a load in the washer, and one in the dryer...and about four on the floor that await me for tomorrow. there's that famous word again... "tomorrow". and here i always wonder why my daughter is so big on... i'll do it later... i'll do it tomorrow. oh God what have i created?
so, anyhow. did i go grocery shopping? nope. didn't do that either. once again, i am amazed that i am able to put meals together. well...honestly we have been going out a little too often lately. i gotta stop that shit, and get to the store!
ok, what else?
oh...hubby went fishing today.... he caught lots of fish, but his fishing partner did great as far as size goes. the scales were broken, so they don't have a positive weight on this bass...but he was a giant. i would probab;y cry if i caught a fish like that...happy tears. take a look at this fish...they guessed him at over 8lbs...and i won't question it. he looks that, if not bigger...