Tuesday, October 6, 2009

eevee, jitty , sick soulkid, and other junk

howdy peeps... howya been? sorry i haven't posted -- but hey-- i have been keepin up in the comments below... that oughtta count for somethin , right?


anyhow--- donna, was askin about Eevee- so, i had to try to find her video and some misc info on her. i think the video i had on my laptop was there before my hard-drive crashed... cuz i spent forever lookin for it on here, and couldn't find it. finally i had hubby find it on his when he got home. well, after dinner and stuff-- and by then, y'all know i had to watch 'my programs'. ha. i love to say that now-- i always say it sarcastically. but you DO know when one starts sayin "MY programs!" it is most definitely a sign of age. i figured , if i start jokin around with it-- when i actually do start sayin it? no one will notice! pretty slick eh?

soooo anyhow--- just kick me-- i'll get in the right gear eventually.
like i was sayin... below is Eevee, a few years ago-- before she went to the 'bad family' before us. she still flinches if you reach from behind her head-- or touch the back of her neck. i don't know who these people are-- or what they did to her... but i wish i could do to them whatever they did to her. she is a great dog. but obviously-- she has gone from 'champion to pet' --- you can earn the trust of an abused animal... but there's no way they could train the way she did in this video-- after obviously being 'beaten'.
but we love her. and she loves us. she even is learning to love sushi--- - remember when she took a chunk out of her back for a snack?--- owwww!

ok here ya go-- the video is very short-- but you get the idea
the link below shows more info about her-- and about her champ puppies.
poor eevee is gettin fixed in about a week tho. no more babies for her. but she sure is leavin a legacy behind her.
did i mention-- she is in -- the hall of fame???---
noooooo--- i wouldn't brag :))

eevee at her best


this is her 'real name'
J'Eevee Ot Vitosha

------------------------------------------ok--- mooovin on---------------------

oh.. jitty, i almost forgot. that's a big surprise huh? well, she is doin fine. she had a much harder time than spot with this whole thing. just like i thought, she is in more pain, but of course she got a higher dose of pain meds, and the ones they sent home.. so she spends much of the day knocked out-- or just not caring. but the first day she came home... saturday (?) - she hated the bandages. hated them. i knew somethin wasn't right. Spot didn't like hers either, but once she settled in, she just kinda let the meds take over and let herself go to sleep. but Jitterbug-- she had a bad time with them... she licked and chewed those bandages.. spot ate first and asked questions later-- jitty didn't even wanna eat-- or drink -- nuthin. she wanted those things off her feet-. i was worried. i called the vet. of course-- what do they want me to do? haul my lard ass cat right back to them! ummm, no. she finally chilled a little but did continue to lick the bandages. she was supposed to go back the next day - sunday- but of course they weren't gonna open til 1 on that day. no way was i gonna make that poor kitty suffer that long. i knew from takin spot in only a few days before-- all they would do was gonna be to take the bandages off, return her to be with bloody paws, and tell me what to watch for. soooo---- i had soulman play vet-- and help me take the bandages off on our own. he had plans to take soulkid to the mall and it would be up to me to haul the lardo in on my own... i am not ready to be haulin 16 pounds around. so he helped. she was thrilled to have those things off--- and we were able to see why she had such problems with them. her little paws were shriveled up to nuthin! i was really angry with my vet that i had just bragged about. they had her feet wrapped waaaay to tight. poor jitty. so we played vet-- unwrapped her feet, gave em both their meds, and they were just some happy kitties.
they want soooo bad to get out of that room though and roam the house--- but it's just too soon. they are healing real well. and they are happy to be together in there. but the way they are with eevee? no way. that and possibly attempting to scamper up the stairs? nope. they need to stay confined at least one or two more days. then we will assess the situation further. :))

my child is sick. this is not the time for my child to be sick. i was really hoping for all of us to fly through the flu season without a sniffle-- or a gag i might ad. but--- no such luck.
she came into our room night before last 'post pukin', and feelin like crap. needless to say, i kept her home from school yesterday--- she puked a couple times-- but no fever. she has body aches tho. and really is NOT the picture of health. she usually looks really good-- make-up or not. but now-- she 'looks' sick. ugh. i spose i shall keep her home today-- and try to get her into the dr. but it seems all the dr's a overbooked around here lately. plus-- what if it's just food poisoning, or a virus? then i take her out and expose her to a ton of people at the dr who really do have the flu-- or worse the friggin swin flu?

anybody have a great gramma still kickin? what'd they do back in the day? really. it doesn't 'seem' that serious. why don't dr's make house calls anymore? dammit.

ok-- well.. this seems to be long enough without bitchin about my own boring stuff-- so i won't. maybe tomorrow.

hope y'all have happy days in your worlds -

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