Saturday, April 30, 2011

GOOD NEWS - to those who know Mary @ Pathways!

howdy peeps --  just to let ya know -- i just got a phone call from Mary @ Pathways -  i know many of you who read here read her page too.  i just want to pass along the message that she and her family are all doing ok - considering the horrible circumstances of the recent tornado.
she asked that i send a shout out in her place to those who are worried about her :

her voice was audibly shaken , but she and harry are fine. at least physically so.  they have their reefer tanks on a generator -- as well as the rest of their home.  luckily their structure suffered no severe damage other than a little roof and shingle damage. but they are sheltered -- in a most primitive sounding way.

she had been in fear of running out of her medications but had found there is a 'place' set up to fill RX's for those who can't get them.  we weren't able to talk long - as she said - the phones  - come and go.  the important thing is - thank God , no one (of 'them') was physically harmed in what was for her and harry  several terrifying hours - spent in their hall way in the wrath of this awful tornado. 

as in the usual Mary - slash - Harry way -- they are doing as much as they can for others in their neighborhood - who suffered much more damage -- to their homes, and possibly bodies .  they are keeping food for some neighbors -- and of course offering what they have to those who were left with nothing.  as in the way that tornadoes do -- one home was 'saved' while the other was leveled.   also, as many folks who witness, and by the grace of God , survive these types of things - Mary was left with a total lack of words to describe what they had gone through.  not for lack of trying -- the words are not there.  this has been and is an obvious traumatic event for her.  they have been without power for the days since the tornado -- and a possible 7 + days longer to come.  (as per their electric/power source).

through it all -- she is holding strong -- as those who know her -- always does.  the circumstances they are living under at this time is not easy for her -- or anyone nearby .  obviously.  but they are lucky enough to have a couple of generators to supply their needs. 

 i just wanted you to know that if you are among the many praying for her - and hers- God, as always hears you !   He surely has big plans for her in the future.  i am amazed at all she has been through -- and conquered over the past couple of years ... i can't wait to see what happens next !

i hope and pray that it is all smooth sailing and time for her to receive the blessings that she has and continues to share !  there just aren't many made like Mary -- keep praying for her and her family.

i love that woman !!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

well, if one thing's consistant around here - - -

.....  it's the fact that i have run out of bloggin gas.  that last post was not a natural flow of smooth soul blabbin, like it used to be.  the other day, that post just didn't come together like i thought it would.   i reckon the only reason i'm in here now - after a day of thinkin , -- 'maybe i should just let it go for good' -- is cuz i , once again can't sleep. i am once again, up with a pain issue that won't let me sleep- or stay asleep. well,  that - and the fact that i'll prolly never totally stop bloggin.  it isn't my first and last thought of the day anymore-- hasn't been for quite some time.  but the spark is still there.  and i know that if i continue to write -- the soul-ramblin-rythm will return.  we shall see.

to be totally honest?  aside from the pain?  i think i'm in here - and awake - mainly because of the huge ass tornado's ravaging the entire eastern US. and my easily worried mind.

surely by now y'all have seen this stuff on the news?  i'm prayin y'all out that way are safe, especially if you have been hit, near hit , or damaged by those storms.

 it was about 6 pm here when i saw the pictures on the news of the half mile wide tornado in Birmingham Alabama.  half a damn mile wide folks!  my heart sank.  i immediately called my friend out there -- i got sent straight to voice-mail, and no word since.  :((  LBF -- call me asap when you can..

we have had nothin but 'breaking news' out here for the last three or four days, about our own tornado breakouts.. more than twelve just the other day in areas east of us. some closer - nuthin severe -- not like'this'.    the (my)whole area has been callin TV channels bitchin for them to stop interrupting their 'programs'.  SO what happens last night when i WANT to see what's goin on in Alabama?  they show  nuthin!  ERG! maybe five minutes of the huge ass tornado touchin down.. tearin through birmingham, and nearby areas.  awful to watch might i add?  all i could do was shake my head in disbelief.  it was unreal.  i wanted it to be a dream.. it wasn't.

the last, and only time i ever saw anything like this size of a tornado was in 1999, when one of similar size ripped through oklahoma.  i lived in whichita - (AKA- Tornado alley) -but, i was visiting in california with soulkid at the time.  it was -- april 29th, 1999.  soulman was home alone in KS -- to face the the wrath of the 'leavins' by himself - in our basement.  sometimes - even still,  i wish i woulda skipped my visit to cali - and stayed home too.  prolly woulda been better than the emotional tornado i faced on my 'hell-cation' . bah !  (i was visiting a terminally ill - very long time best friend.  it of course didn't go well, as the cancer had hit her brain by that time.  --  i say i'd trade it, due to the confusion of her mind -- but never would i really.  we were able to 'say goodbye' - folks don't get that opportunity very often-.

i stand corrected

*side note*
i think this is about where i fell asleep -- luckily it was saved to draft.  ugh.
nuthin like sleep bloggin eh?

so. need i  mention i'm just as confused as i was last night?  still no more new news, or word as to  what is goin on with all my other eastern U.S. peoples. 'cept,  i saw a bit of the news early this morning -- , but they still aren't showin much here in DFW.  i've so far heard , of course AL, FL, and even VA!  i have peeps spread all over that way.  no word on Arkansas -- anyone know about out there?  i have family there.  chicago i have a nephew and pregnant neice in law there -- and a bloggee pal.  then,  -- FL.. = two nephews.  if i had a map i'd know exactly how many friends/family are out that way -- but for now?  i can only worry, in the bliss of my ignorance -- and hope that everyone -- not only my own peeps -- but you and yours too, are safe and sheltered. 

 y'all know it doesn't take much to get me worried about y'all - or anything else for that matter.  so -- anyone out that way -- gimmee a shout out - lemmee know what you know eh?  lemmee know you're alright, and  any of my buddies- or anyone in touch with them -  are too. k?  thanks.

anyhow-- let's get offa that subject. shall we?

- now - here i am again, two cups of coffee down my gullett,chased with a couple pain killers,  and just as tired as i was then.-

i guess i'm tired folks. i won't let it ruin my day tho.  i can't.  i'm in soul-hell.  yes, again.  a million and one things to catch up on -- or evein begin...  but first ! -- i have to try to get in touch with some of friends who may have been in the path of the tornadoes .  i can only hope that they are all - alright.  then regardless of what i hear -- if anything -- cuz i think the phones were down when i tried calling last night.... i need to continue on with what i hope to be a productive day.  i have been like a bad still life painting for weeks!

at this point in time i am considering returning to bed --- but i cannot do that. better yet shouldn't.  even though my body and mind beg for me to rest.  i did that yesterday. all day.  i know i need it on certain days -- it's not like i'm in the best 'shape' of my life --   but i can guilt myself to death if i let me.   

one of my  best and worst attributes.

here's to happy and safe days to you all out in your worlds today !!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

everything changes yet all remains the same

howdy folks ! greetings and salutations!   how the hell have ya been?  i sincerely hope all is well in your worlds !  like i said last night in my sleep med stupor -- i never stopped thinkin of any of ya -- even through my disappearing act. 

it seems that a whole lot has been goin on here - but at the same time it seems nothin has been goin on too.  we'll all find out i reckon once i get goin eh?

i honestly don't know where to begin.  the beginning is always a good start -- but we all know my mind doesn't ever work that way. right?  so, as usual -- i'll just start writin and we shall  see what turns out on the page - eh?  this oughtta be fun.  yeh right.  maybe you should should get some coffee or a sammich?  i'll wait.

so.  how long have i even been MIA?  a month at least it looks like.  aside from an occasional check in on face-book.  usually basic or pointless.  or my signature -- 'soul-speak' which leaves everyone more confused than before.

anyhow -- let's get this party started , shall we?

in no particular order -- except that of my ramblin mind -- let's roll -

we have new baby kitties!  somewhere.  i discovered them a touch over a week ago.  sushi -- remember her -- our min - pin; with issues like no other dog that lived?

well -- the dogs (her, and eevee) - were outside , and she was goin nuts -- barkin like a fool -- but in a tone - that was unusual for her.  irritating though, enough for me to go investigate.  what did i find?  sushi - yappin, and diggin under the fence.  so.  i peeked thru the fence to see what had her so interested.  my thoughts were in the direction of a snake -- a squirrel, things along those lines.  but to my pleasant surprise -- it was a very fresh litter of baby kitties.  most were white -- i knew they would be easy to find homes for .. (later) unlike the last bunch.  one of which -- is the mommy of these -- a black one... so-- i put the dogs inside ; went back and put a big rock in front of the hole sushi was digging, and hoped that she would leave them alone.  HA - like that would ever happen.

( i think there are 5 -
click to enlarge)

well, obviously, blockin the hole did no good at all.  just as i thought -- so sushi bothering the babies had caused the mommy to move them.  and after a search of the entire property on all sides -- i can't find them anywhere.  i'm sure she has them safe somewhere.  we've been keeping mamma fed and watered so she won't dehydrate or something, and can stay healthy to keep the babies healthy.  it won't be long until she brings them here for real food after weening them.  i expect to see them all on the front porch in another two or three weeks.(?)  i love baby kitties.  it's when they grow up that they bother me.  :))    i love mine much more since we declawed them. some of you may remember my constant bitchin of their destruction?

oh.  somethin funny happened when i was out in the next door empty lot looking for them.. i saw THIS:  it made me think of my pal ' gecko sis' - yankee :))   check it out -

(the babies were between the two fences)

the smallest things make me think of each of one of you ,  i could make an entire post on that one -- i should do that one day.  "the things that make me think of my peeps " (not to mention - 'bring a smile to my not so  usually smiling face'.)  someone should remind me of that -- i'll do that on a day i have nothin to write about. 

i  miss knowin what's goin with y'all.  i haven't been readin blogs like i should either.  nothin personal.  know that.  like i said .. it seems that not much has been goin on here -- but really it's been crazy busy ... much of the time.  so many days -- even up to a week goes by that i don't do as much as even check my email.  the computer just hasn't been been a priority for me at all lately.  part of that could be the fact that it died.  ha!  i guess that would make some some sense eh?  kinda hard to use one if ya don't have one eh?  one day a week or two or two ago -- i was online -- of course doin my usual OCD banking etc ... next thing i knew --- well -- pictures speak better than i do --
THIS , happened ---

and i don't know why

i think the laptop was about four or five years old.  it had been through  several viruses.  it had also been actin up in many strange ways for months.  especially for the last few weeks of life.  very strange , the way it died tho.  literally -- it was workin fine one minute- and thext  - i saw -- what you see.  luckily we have a DELL credit account -- well, maybe not luckily -- i was close to havin it paid off.  but not now.  i do however, have a new laptop.  i wouldn't have done it .  maybe i would have -- but i would have felt a lot worse about it -- except for the fact that -- ' it's my birthday!'.  not really.  not yet.  it is , but not til the end of the month.  but soul kid had her birthday in march -- early march.  i swear to you -- ' it's my birthday!!!'  was every day --- for three weeks!!!   it was THE most expensive birthday that kid has had in her life.  mainly cus it included a car -- on top of a 'lemon' jeep -- that got over 1000.00 EXTRA parts and crap sunk into it before we gave up and found a different cheap beater car.  yeh, the jeep still sits in the driveway -- rotting.  -- don't ask if it's on my stress list -- cuz ya know it is.  ok-- back to my story.  yeh.  so. she really did do that -- for weeks -- we let her get away with it -- only cuz we could.  it got funny after a point -- but it also got to a point that my head almost blew a gasket.  so.  when my laptop died ???  my first 'line' was --- 'it's my birthday!'  and i wanted it ordered that day! yup. just call me veruca salt :))

 so.  i have a new laptop.  bad part?  i lost a shit ton of stuff -- some very important stuff.  and a million photos.  a lot.  a lot  alot a lot of stuff. 
but i really do need a laptop. i have a desktop-- but sittin there - for me - after a short time, gets to be plane torture, for my back - and just about every thing else too.  it took several days to get here -- but during the time i was waitin for it -- guess what i was doin anyhow?

yep -- bein bed - ridden. just about the same as the week before.  but i was actually gettin out - fishin, shoppin -- yeh , believe it.. i've started hittin antique stores here and there once in a while.  anyhow..  for a couple weeks, i was doin real well- physically, and mentally .  surprising eh?  then, it hit me like a train.  crippling , agonizing pain.  so i ended up stayin home, no fishin, no shoppin, no -- again surprising -- workin round the house even... stopped in my tracks.  i decided -- ok, time for more shots in my neck/back.  so.  i got those scheduled.  that ended up bein monday the 18th... unfortunately -- worse before better-- and i was house/bed/couch-bound - until Easter sunday.. when i could finally get up and feel well enough to clean up get dressed and we all went out for easter brunch.  which was real nice actually.  it was great to be out of the house - on my feet- with the fam.  all that stuff.  but-- soon as we got home - i hit the bed ...  today is the first day in a long while that i actually feel like i want to get out and go do somethin -- but i slept too late - soulkid is sick -- and as i write -- the day is almost gone - soulman will be home in a while -- and only God knows when i'll finish this post.  not to mention the fact -- once again there's weather - tornadoes and such breakin news on tv -- like the third day in a row.  lots of tornadoes round here lately.  first wild fires now storms, floods, and tornadoes.  so far tho-- we haven't had any damage.

i'm hungry.  just thought i'd throw that in there.  it's about time to grocery shop me thinks.  that's somethin i could go do.  do you believe it?  i actually do some grocery shoppin these days.  i have allowed myself to suck in the ego -- and use a scooter.  but it helps.  hubby and soulkid still do most of the shopping.. but i do go to base and do the big shopping maybe once a month ... those baskets on those things actually hold a lot more than i ever thought.  i still really hate to use em.  but i gotta say -- i'm a better shopper.  i can spend what they spend -- and it'll last twice as long.  we talked about that the other day (when they went shoppin) -- they spent 150-- ish.. we have nothing left.  i coulda spent the same -- and had lunch today.  but i 'couldn't go. cuz i hurt. which is usually the case.  someone should take me out to eat.  :))  i reckon i should wake up before 11.. shameful, i know. tomorrow, and go get some fewd in this place.

so anyhow.  i see this is gettin -- if it hasn't already passed - LONG.  so, aside from that - i'm in typo hell as well - with no spell check , and goin blind too.  so -- i am assuming we are all in the same boat at this time -- i think i will pick this up later -- or tomorrow -- that's more likely. 

have a happy night folks -

Monday, April 25, 2011

see folks? i told ya i'd be back ---

and just like i thought -- soon as i get in here?  i'm too tired to say a damn thing.
maybe tomorrow.  

i miss y'all tho.  still think of everyone. 

my computer crashed -- i had shots in my neck again --  pain is a bitch -- i did actually have a life for a minute :))  ---  just life i reckon.  but i do mean to get in here and talk to y'all real soon.

later peeps -- hope y'all had happy easters, happy weekends and happy weeks ahead in your worlds!
i'lll be baaaack!