Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ok maybe i do got somethin--

earlier today, obviously after the other post-- if that's what ya call it. i got a call from my dr.
friday when i went in for the follow up on the bronchitis, she did some labs to se why the antibiotics weren't helping.
well, wanna know why? cuz guess what? i have mono. yep. i do.
i bet you wonder how in the world a person my age would get mono. right? well. so do i. no idea.
hmmm. but , that explains a lot of why i feel so crappy-- for so long. i'm over two weeks now.. close to bedridden.
hubby and kid? healthy as a couple of horses. me?

today i had to cancel plans with jlee for the second time. two weeks ago, we were supposed to have lunch.. i emailed to cancel, cuz that was the day i woke up sick with this crap.
then today after the doc called-- i had to cancel again.. just in case i'm contagious.

no vegas, no jlee... no fishin... hell i haven't hardly even cleaned my house or done laundry-- grocery shopped..none of that crap.. in two weeks. and if there's no cure-- like the internet says.. i could feel all saggy and tired and crappy like this for another 2 or 3 weeks.

not to mention all the other shit goin on around here.

this really really sucks.

i tried to read today-- didn't work.
even tried to write.. that didn't work either.
tried to cruise blogs-- nope-- got nowhere.

what DID i do???
i slept. alot.

what am i doin now?
fixin to go to sleep.
well, if the meds decide to work. i took em anyhow.
so we shall see.

welp, i reckon that's all i got.
kinda hard to find stuff to write when ya don't move, or think, or talk to anybody.

it really seems like a lot is changing around here. like everything. and all at the same time. and none of it's good, or stoppable. and i don't know what to do about that.

so, i reckon i shall just go to bed. and see if tomorrow is any different.

i soooo got nuthin today

if you could see how i feel---
this would be it--