Sunday, July 18, 2010

i'm runnin as fast as i can ---

hiya peoples , how's things in y'alls world (s) ?
i hope it's all good. hard for me to tell, seein as no one's postin today.

as for me , and my world? should i even post about it? i do wonder. i also know some of you have been waitin to see how this particular situation would pan out. so i may as well , right? it's certainly not the way i wanted to spend my morning. and i sure didn't react the way i imagined i would. well, wait. maybe i did. perhaps that is why i 'couldn't' deal with it in the first place. or maybe i should say why i 'wouldn't' deal with it. regardless, i didn't have much of a choice , when my cell phone rang - the first time, at about 11 this morning. can you guess who it was? i didn't - not when i saw the number anyhow-- it was a unfamiliar number when i saw it on my phone. i answered anyways. turned out it was some guy who worked at the 'massage place' that i have been talkin about lately. (originally) he had called to inform me that the location i have been going to was relocating. the guy was polite and professional... and obviously had no clue of what I had been dealing with concerning this business. once he mentioned the relocating tho -- i became instantly pissed off. surely you knew that was coming right? well, yeh - it happened - and i first, let it be known that not only would i NOT be relocating with the business, but i had also cancelled this account AND been charged after the cancellation. i want my money back, etc etc etc. I
hate to say it - but i blindsided the poor guy. all he was doin was notifyin clients of a move. and i ripped right into him. you gotta remember that i have had this - and more on my mind for a few weeks now, and it was set free with only the name of the company. just like a chamagne cork!
first, i started with explaining -- ok, bitchin about the financial history of my beef with them... then -- i said something that i HAD to explain. i honestly had no other choice than to let him know what the hell i was talkin about -- or i would most likely have the police knocking at my door at some really near future moment. i told him that if i didn't get my money back "bad things will happen". OOPSY. he went totally silent. i bet fifteen seconds passed -- finally i said -- wait. not like that. ugh. so i went from there to explain that what i meant was that people would lose their jobs. -- OMG. i even scared myself. i can only imagine what he must have been thinking i meant with that. and do you know what he said after my first bit of explaining myself? and the jobs thing? he said that the guy i have been thinking and TOLD was the owner of this place -- is NOT. that, among other things he - the maNseusse told me - was a LIE. a way of 'protecting' himself? after he told me that? i sang like a damn canary !!!! told him the only reason i hadn't told anyone before this was cuz i thought he was the owner, and i didn't want people to lose their jobs ! he said he would have the 'new' manager call me around noon. she did. about 1230 actually. i tried to have her talk to soulman... he didn't know what to say - so i ended up with the phone anyhow--- and ended up friggin crying.. with both of em.. the first guy and her. bleh. who knew? i knew i didn't wanna talk about it-- but i didn't know it would make me friggin CRY. good Lord. so, of course, she feels terrible about all of this, and is tryin to make it all right etc. i explain to her how many times i had told different people to freeze and/or cancel my account -- to no avail.. etc... then of course -- the deets of ASSHOLE. this doesn't seem to 'surprise her-- but she does want a lot of details. which i can't seem to really get into. if ya know what i mean. all i can say is "inappropriate ,m and unproffessional" etc. but it still even just that much makes me cry like a bitch. finally, i ask her -- have there been more complaints about him... i can tell by her tone of voice -- it almost even sounds pat tense when she talks about him-- there have been others-- but she can't tell me. i knew i wasn't the only one .. but from the sound of it -- i think this bastart went too far with the wrong person -- other than just me -- got his ass turned in.. and it costs that business to go under. they didn't 'move'. they got shut down, and are moving customers to another place. sound about right to you? that fucker needs to - and i hope he gets arrested ! i bet i'm not the only one that fell for the -- oh he's the owner- people will lose their jobs' thing. finally someone didn't give a damn and spoke up ! well, good for her ! whoever she is.

it was a rough couple hours for me- but it looks like i will be gettin my money back -- after refusing the free massage she offered -- oh really -- no thanks - i'll live the rest of my life without another masssage thank you. only thing i'm left wondering is this ---- will i be called in at a later date to testify against mr. molester in court? ugh. i would do it -- but now i know i'll freakin cry.

on that happy note? i must foragefor fooood.

maybe i'll come back later. maybe i won't.

what are y'all doin today?