Saturday, November 20, 2010

nothin like the original - is there?

i'm baaaack --

the merge worked -- only here, not there :))
so, welcome back  :))

the blog gods are against me

if y'all were here yesterday -- you would know that my other blog -- soul survivor - is still not transferred over here.  it says it still 'importing'.  but i really have no idea if it is .  i have no idea if it is 'doin anything.'  i'm so tempted to stop that process and reverse it .  i have like 1700 posts on that blog , and only like thirty here.  maybe i should have tried to merge this one with that one, and just stayed with 'soul survivor.'  why do i always go the most difficult route?  why don't i look before i leap?  call me asshat.  i had nooooo idea that it would take nearly -- or possibly more than 24 hours to do this.  i started the export- import thing around 1 pm yesterday... it's been goin ever since.  and i'm sure by now y'all know how much i love to be kept waiting :))  ugh NOT.   i am , however pleased that i am able to do other things on here while i am waiting.  has anyone ever done this before?  should i just continue to wait?  do ya think it's almost finished after all this time?  or do ya think somethin went wrong, and maybe i should try to put this blog onto the original one?  i'm stumped.  and of course afraid that i'll lose one or maybe both blogs in the process of trying to combine the two.  hurry! someone call the whaaambulance !

well.. i was gonna write more -- but i decided to just get on with my day -- and go ahead and attempt to export this blog to the other , and see which , if either works faster.  i really hope i don't lose the last three + years of my life.  if i do?  maybe it's just time to start over.  who knows .  but i reckon we shall see what happens .. sometime - in the , i hope near future.

later peeps -
i hope y'all have happy days in your worlds today !
i'll do what i can in mine :))