Monday, August 11, 2008

too damn early again- what gives?

i just cannot sleep anymore. what the hell?

and would someone tell me why i am now, not only underlined, but blue, as well?

hmmm... must just be me, cuz looky here, now it's neither, now it's just natural boring type.


ssssooooo. without further ado, i bring you -

back by popular demand-

"The cleaning fairies"

now, Ive heard it both ways-
1- you play before you pay-
2- and also, that
that you play hard to win big.

i've heard that you scrub the floor right the first time
or b- you eat the soap the next

i've learned the more good stuff you get for him
- the faster he unloads for you

i've also heard that the more praise he gets from you-
the more he does, without being asked of you

and too, the more you stroke his ego-
the more he is bound to stroke yours :))

does anybody have a birthday?
here's the birthday fairy - :))

vacationing? -
need a companion..
ehem...(AC)- :))

saved the best for last
thanks gypsy :))

which finally brings us to this one---
there are certain benefits to fishing with a fairy--
especially if you watch from the rear.