Wednesday, March 19, 2008

soulman delivered a healthy baby girl !!!

Welcome to the soul-crib
Eevie !!

she hasn't met the cats yet
but she had NO problem at all poopin ALL over my rug
without askin to go outside first !!!

otherwise, she is a very good dog,
and likes everybody.
sushi is a little dominant,
but is getting used to her.

hmmmph- day

well, hello again---

this was me this morning:

pretty chipper mood---
coffee was good---
i even had a surprisingly positive outlook on the day ahead--
i really believed that i would be getting my drivers license back
when i went to the doctor--
did i ???
well, no.
no, i did not.
and, i will not.
i have to wait for five more months
plus, two days if i must be technical.
how do i feel about that?
pretty damn bad.
how bad?


so , now what?
well, i don't really know.
but i'm not happy.
and i'm tired.
and i have plans that just got blown out the window.
and well,
i think i'm gonna go lay down for a while.

maybe the new doggie coming will help me feel better.
or maybe soulkid having company later will be a good distraction.
but for now?
i'm just toast.

soulland humpday-te

howdy peeps---

just a quick update on a few things around here---


she's better today-- in fact-- after her little episode in the morning.. and a few more hours of sleep-- she was fine the rest of the day--- had to have been dinner the night before. which was? chinese delivery = sweet and sour chicken. never again.


sushi- also better. late in the day yesterday, she began acting a bit like her normal assinine self.
not 100 percent, but she's gettin there. she IS in heat. i knew it. just somehow knew it. maybe she just had cramps? do dogs get cramps????? this is at least her third heat cycle. she has never once acted so out of it. i don't know what her deal was. i still really think she was mistreated in some way. we will never take her back to that kennel, just in case. i know something happened. i wish i knew what. i am wondering if maybe they put her out in the yard to potty with other dogs, and maybe she "mated"??? that could surely throw off her mood. ya think??? if i end up with little mutt puppies as her first and only litter, i will be quite upset. as i had planned on breeding her only one time before fixing her-- if that. i'm still not sure if i want her to have a litter or not. i don't know if she has the sense to raise pups. :))
but anyhow-- yep-- she is getin better-- playin with the cats, us, eating, runnin, jumping, much better-- and we feel LOTS better about that too.

now i am trying to decide if i should attempt doggie diapers-- i really don't think she would wear one without ripping it to shreds in the first thirty seconds.. so i may just be doing a LOT of laundry this next week. :((

ok.. what else??
oh EEVIE-- of course. soulmans new wife. :))
y'all know i'm kiddin when i say that. it's just that he has had dogs like this before .. and he really puts ALOT of himself and his time and energy into them. and .. well.. he gets very overprotective of them. truly like they are a infant. dogs like this are very valuable-- not only financially-- but in this case it could turn into a legal issue as well.

the thing with this particular dog---
she is some kinda very special dog-- i mean her pups sell for ALOT... and they are basically ALREADY sold... and she isn't even pregnant! nor is the daddy dog chosen yet! that's how well known this dog is in the dog world. her pedigree is like GOLD to these trainers.

so anyways...
hubby "somehow, someway.... found this "something".. deal? situation? hell if i know... online somewhere.... where he would get this dog as a "co-ownership--- BUT, his end of the bargain is to breed her-- basically--- through artificial insemination by a dog of the "owners" choosing... then he /we.. will raise and "welp, the pups... then ship--at "owners cost.. the pups back to the "owner" at about ten weeks of age... keeping "pick of the litter"-- if we want-- or "a fee", if we don't... and we then keep eevie-- get her spayed.. at "owners " cost..... we --- or hubby--whichever--- also gets to keep some money for each "surviving pup" that gets shipped back to "owner". cuz well, sometimes a pup will die.. but it is rare.

the "owner" will pay ALL vet bills, not related to negligence on our part-- like if a cat scratches her eyes out--- or if she breaks a leg..etc.. but if somethin like that happens-- they have the right to REPO the dog.
they in fact have the right to take the dog back at any time.. for any reason. which is the catch all-- that bothers me.
the dog is our dog-- but it's kinda not at the same time. very weird. i have never heard of co-owning a dog before in my life-- but i guess it happens, and is common...
but apparently---other people end up paying a lot of money to do it--- and don't GET a lot of money for the pups etc.
soooo... hubby stumbled onto something really good actually--- as long as they don't decide they miss the dog and take her back.

my only fear? or two?
1)- something happening to the dog-- and getting sued some outrageous amount of money--and losing the dog
2) getting attached to the dog --and them taking her back.
3) soulkid is already worried about getting attached to the pups- and getting rid of them... that part i know whe can handle though-- she's done it with cats before--- but the thing about that is she always kept a kitty :(( BUT--- i have a very very strong-- and uneasy -- feeling-- that hubby just will not be able to pass up "pick of the litter" on a "famous" champion dog.
so-- i may not need to worry about that really... cuz i actually think we will end up keeping a pup.
therefore , in a few months... not sure about dogs--- 6-8 months??? hell i don't know-- but i think we will be a THREE dog family again. just kill me NOW.

ok... what else?

apparently nuthin....

well.. it doesn't sound like it's raining-- at the moment--- but it is cool enough to have the heat on. so i don't know what i will be doin today.

i know what i want and need to do though---

i MUST get my hair cut before i die---

oh yes, and i do have my follow up appt with the neuro-- for the seizure-- and am HOPING i get some kinda clearance to legally drive again!!! (hubby is going, but has to work afterwards)

then... i really really have to go to wally hell. if food poisoning doesn't kill us.. the price of eating out will. so i gotta get food in here and start cooking again.

(see that jlee? if we're doin lunch,
let's do it soon...cuz i really am gettin sick of goin out to eat!!!)

and i spose that is about it-- aside from a few errands.....

hope y'all have great days in your worlds.....

i'll try---