Saturday, October 3, 2009

another early morning -- AND the PHOTO challenge

howdy peeps---

i would say guten morgen to ya--
but i actually remember the 'good ole days' when i'd be draggin my ass to bed right about now. of course, i don't think any one of the group of 'us' do that anymore. ugh. isn't aging just loads of FUN?
i just don't know how i ever did it. work til 4 or 5 pm.. party til 2 -- after party til 3 or so-- 'sleep' til 5 or 6 -- drag my ass in to work at 7 -- and do it allll over again the next day. and here i am, wonderin my my body and mind are worn out???
that kinda seems to be a stupid question now that i think about it.
i did that for yeeeeears. know what? i did it , knowing , what i was doing to my body too. i wonder if i was a secretary or had some other 'cushy ' job though -- if it would be any different. i doubt it. i prolly woulda just got busted for bein a drunk a lot sooner than i did :O . bleh. but hey.. i bet my back wouldn't be so bad. it'd prolly be my legs though .. from wearin freakin heels or somethin. just can't win can ya?

can ya tell i'm bitchy this mornin? well, hell -- it's flippin 3 somethin in the mornin. i woke up every twenty minutes all night long. i finally gave up at 2:45. then the coffee pot had fits. what is it with me and coffee pots? i go through freakin coffee pots like damn toilet paper around here!!! i'm just gonna start buyin the el cheapo mr coffee ones if they're gonna be disposable !!! i bet we need a new pot every 7 or 8 months. other people have pots they've used for five years and they're just fine.
the one we got as a wedding gift-- i swear it lasted about 12 years! obviously- they don't make those anymore. the one we have now is at least # 3 in a year and a half. and if i don't have a new one by the end of the weekend? i will scream !!!

(suggestions??) -- oh, that would be for good coffee pots, NOT mental institutions :))--

so, anyways, on a happier note --- Jitterbug comes home today. yippee! the vet called yesterday, and said she came through surgery just fine. i like that about our vet. every time one of our babies goes in they call and let us know how they are. they understand that these are peoples babies, not just 'animals'.
she is sooo fat though. i wonder if that will make it harder on her, as far as healing goes. like walking etc ya know? that much more weight on her little feet etc. she's just not as graceful as Spot. you can tell Spot hurts some when she walks, but she can kinda take her weight off of her front paws a little. i don't know if jitty will be able to do that. i hope she does alright.
as far as Spot goes? she's doin perfect still --- for anyone worried about de-clawing an older cat-- or any cat-- if they're ruinin your crap, and it's them or your stuff -- so far - so good. and yep -- i do regret waiting this long cheryl (? i think it was you). i do. i have put this off for years, and it has cost me lots of money and 'stuff'! -- not to mention mental anguish, and stress.

what else???? not a lot. still no word from my cop. and i haven't called him either. maybe next week i'll give him a call. but i really think it's over. i don't know what to do. i don't want to dwell on this, or have some big resentment for the rest of my life. i need to just let it go. maybe.

oooohhh i just got a big ole whiff of dog pooh !!!! eevee is the only one loose. i already had her outside-- if she did that in the house-- you don't even wanna know!!

anyhow-- i guess that's about it outta me . i will pick up my el gato about 8 or so. i will let ya know how she is doin.

other than that-- i'm just bein a big ole baby lately. at this point... i do NOT recommend this rhizotomy thing to anyone! the other day the dr reminded me "it does get worse before it gets better." --- oooh i'm sick of hearin that line!
and also-- she said -- there is a four week window.
so. perhaps i still have some hope left. y'all if this does happen to heal up the way it's supposed to-- i 'could' go 6 months to a year without any pain! so i'm still trying to stay positive on this. it is sooo hard though. a person can be in pain for only so long before they turn into the bitch from hell ya know? well, that or become the biggest crybaby in the world. right now, i'm somewhere in the middle.
obviously-- it's grabed hold of my mood, and sleep at this point-- what's next???

haelP meeeeee

happy weekend peeeps

OH, and once again, i 'almost' forgot the photo challenge -- THANKS Donna ! :))

"my pet pouurri"





my sises "Cavuto'
(yes! she actually takes him for walks in that thing !)
just love her :))