Saturday, April 19, 2008

Todays Soul News

well what did you expect?
a party??
not around here. at least not lately. sorry.

more like this.. oh my gawd-- it's underlining !!! AGAIN ! BONEMAN__ MY BUTTON.. WHERE IS IT???

anyways-- LOOK// apparently, i can call on boneman, and it will stop. hmmm., where has HE been alll my life?

anyhow. yesterday, i was apparently in some sort of coma or something. i did NOTHING.
well, except

i just couldn't function. at all. i tried. but failed. i think i made it to like 10 A.M. and it was back to bed for me. guess what time i woke back up? oh Lord. you won't believe it. well, you might-- the evidence is in my blogging.. or lack of. i woke up at 3 PM !! ERG.. i think i felt worse when i woke up in the afternoon than when i did in the morning. it was horrible. i still couldn't function.

i had bills to pay-- errands to run-- even cigs to go buy-- i did NOTHING. hubby got me 1 pack of smokes early in the morning. i planned on getting a carton when i ran errands--- BUT since i didn't leave the house-- i did my best to make that pack last through my coffee THIS morning. i was amazed that i ALMOST made it. phew. i guess sleeping half the day helped though.

anyhow... soulman got tired of me sleepin and he went fishin. he wanted me to go-- i just couldn't. i was thoroughly exhausted. he didn't get back til after 6, maybe close to 7. soulkid didn't come home at all. she called after school to go home with a friend for the night. i didn't even cook dinner--- or go out-- or order in. we ate cereal ! at like 9 pm.
what the hell is wrong with me????

i don't think it matters what i do anymore. whether i do anything or not in the daytime. i still feel like crap . i'm tired all the time. and even fishing -- or the thought of it doesn't even thrill me. i'm back to making lists only to watch them grow.
can we say -- depressed?

maybe i've been drinking too much of


BUT, I do a damn fine JOB--

even though i am a

i do hope y'all survived that whiny ass post--
and have a great weekend...