Saturday, June 9, 2007

there's someone watchin out for us!

well, i didn't have to wake hubby up this morning, he got up shortly after i finished my earlier post. so i gave him a chance to wake up, and we went fishing for a while. we didn't stay very long, it was hellishly HOT. i'm not sure what time we got there, but we left at about 1015. my gawd it was HOT!!! for some reason, i was preparing for chilly weather...i guess because yesterday was so crappy. so i'm wearing blue jeans, socks, tennis shoes, i almost even wore a flannel...thank God i didn't! we weren't there for half an hour before i was havin a heat stroke, i was sweatin like a pig, my face was burnin hot, and sweat was just pouring down the backs of my legs. i was miserable. hubby was hot too, but he was dressed appropriately, and part of my problem is also that i take a lot of meds, and one of them, makes me a lot more sensitive to heat than i used to be. bad thing... i'm not sure which one it is !!!! ugh. but i was miserably hot... but not willing to leave until i got a fish! so. it wasn't long at all before i missed one. WTH!!! i wish i could figure out what the hell i am doing wrong over there to miss so many fish. i wouldn't care if they were perch or something... but these are like three and four pound bass i'm losing! and i just don't know what i'm doing wrong. UGH. so anyhow... maybe another half hour or so passes... i change my bait... maybe at least twice by now... cuz nuthing is working. we're thinking they are just hot and lazy too. they probably were, cuz hubby usually always catches fish, no matter where he is. but even he wasn't having any luck. but all the sudden i throw in under a tree... and there he was. he hit it as soon as it hit the water! (the fish, not hubby )
here ya go...sadly, the only fish of the day...but gladly...he was MINE !!!

photo moved to bass video

( i caught you a delicious bass)

so anyways... we lasted maybe, another half hour or so, and had to leave. it was just too freakin hot, and the fish weren't biting. so we left. i was already ready for a nap! or my funeral. i was sick! i thought i could puke. i need to not take meds before fishing on a hot day again. geesh!

so...we load up and go... and we were riding in hubbys truck this time... no A/C. figures. the hottest freakin day of the year! so there we are, dyin of heat exhaustion, just tryin to get home before i barf... and whaddaya think happens? yep you guessed it..maybe.... we got pulled over!!!! this is the someone watchin out for us part. ya see... hubby and heat don't go together very well either. he's just naturally heat sensitive...but it affects more his thinking than his physical being... so when we got in the truck to leave, i buckled up..and reminded him to as well. after that... i was just trying to get air, and didn't notice he didn't buckle, and he obviously forgot. so then... we come to a stop sign down the road.. oh first... i put the shoulder strap behind me cuz it was right on my neck and strangling me, but i was buckled... so anyhow... we get to the stop sign, and he's like which way do i turn.. i told him this streets that way, this street's this way... so, he turned ...the way that would be quicker to get home. he didn't signal! well, there was a cop...right there. he saw him not signal, and also saw him not buckled..and thought that i wasn't buckled because my strap was behind he pulls us over! and in so doing...finds that hubby has a NM drivers license...after living in tx for like almost a year...when ya only have thirty days to change it over! uh. even i thought he had a tx dl. so anyhow... hubby was able to slide his belt on without the cop seeing, and said he had his strap under his arm . phew. so.... the guy let us out of four tickets, that woulda really added up to a lot of money. even tho i was buckled and "apparently hubby was too :))... it's still a fine if the belt isn't worn properly".. so crap!thank God we got that truck insured and registered ! they woulda took it for we were like oh crap oh crap oh crap. i bet if he didn't have a clean driving record he woulda got a ticket...or four. see...good things happen to good people. i bet he won't forget to buckle up next time...or signal!!! and i guess i won't be wearing the shoulder strap behind me again either. and i suppose he better truck on over and get his tx dl. now that we know all he has to do is tell them he's had one before! ugh. memories.
ok... i think that is about it for now.
it's nap time for this little fishy.