Wednesday, August 22, 2007

humpday pt 2...

well, all that freakin work for nuthin. i'm sittin here now with a headache, from payin bills and messin with the budget etc... in order to prepare for the shopping hell for food, and school stuff. but... i finally get the kid out of bed, and guess what... she doesn't wanna go shopping!!! MY kid??? WTF!!! fine. first she says she doesn't want to go anywhere... but it's been planned... but also, she then, asks me to go get her chick-fil-a!??? NOT! also she wants a friend to come over today... maybe also NOT. ya know, it takes me hours, or even days sometimes to prepare myself to go shopping. sometimes to go anywhere at all. (except fishing :)) and now she decides at the last second..literally , that she wants to wait til friday to shop. well FINE. i'll just wait til friday to get food in the house too. that's just rude. dontcha think?
what i oughtta do is go out and buy myself a nice fat lunch, and leave her here with fruit loops!! but, i'm just not that cruel. dammit. i am however gonna cancel my day.
henceforth ... today is canceled in soul land. i am gonna eat something.. find something for the kid to eat... and i just might take a freakin nap. why am i so damn tired lately anyhow? all the time i'm tired. i hate bein tired forever!

happy happy humpday ! or harvey wallbanger day for those who drink .. CHEERS

i have a lot of comments to respond to, but i am in the middle of a bill paying frenzy... crossing my fingers that we will have enough left over to at least enjoy a little of what life has to offer over the next two weeks. wish me luck. i know that i already have to go dump a hundred bucks on school stuff, and another 100 to the gastro doc... no today is not a dr day... but they want their damned money before the colonoscopy. it's bad enough to pay a dr. but sooo much worse to pay one for something you have NO desire to even have done to you. oooohhhh scary. my biggest fear this time... waking up with a mile long camera stuck in my rear. OMG. he better drug me up good..or i will pre drug my own self before i go!!! ugh. that made my eye twitch!!!

doesn't look like i will be fishing today.. gotta go school shop..think i said that. y'all KNOW i'd rather go fishin! but oh well.. phase two of school stuff. then friday will be shoe day. oh i'm so fuckin thrilled. not.

ummm... what else? ummm well, perhaps i could fish tonight with hubby... but he's been kinda grumpy lately so i don't know. will surely tell you if we go tho. i know you love my fish!

hmmm.... i guess i will cruise blogland real quick and check up on my peeps... then i need to do all my other crap.. it is also grocery day... we are so mother hubbard here. y'all say prayers that i don't drop dead or beat someone up during my stinkin mall and wally hell excursions. i would almost rather die than go to either, but both in ONE day???? Lord help me!!!!

well, i must get going... if you see i've been to your place but didn't's just cuz i'm short on time..i will catch up with all that latah

i do hope EVERYBODY is doing good today.. seems to have been a tough few days all around.

anyways.. drink up or light up.. or whatever it is you do to do the happy dance!!