Friday, August 31, 2007

the way it really happened...

so far...
a day in photos , revisited...

Soulman caught a turtle... by the FOOT!

Then he caught a bass...

Then we got hot... and moved from one pond to another..
and I got me a fishy !
and lost a bunch... but got a total of 3.

Soulman got three at this pond.
then we got way too freakin hot, and went to eat, and get some tea.

then came home.
so far... just waitin for
SoulKid to get outta school,
and chillin with the puppies.

now... i have to take my child to MALL HELL...

when i get back... i will report in... :))

reporting in .. late...
i got home from mall hell,
chilled on the computer, ate a couple dogs,
did some cruisin, and some chattin, and then i took a coupla these
(xanax....yes prescribed)

and now i am just waiting for these...
to turn me, into , THIS:

and then, i can only hope that soulman will rescue me!

happy weekend peeps...

another daily forecast in photos

i'm thinkin i need a haircut !

and i'm thinkin one or two of these could make me do the happy dance!

and one of these wouldn't hurt either!

unfortunately, i see more of THIS