Tuesday, April 20, 2010

you hate me, don't you?

don't worry people... just somethin i say. i used to say it alot more than i do now-- is that a good thing , or not? i do not know. i'm just bored here, and i'm runnin out of things to say. folks aren't postin much, and i aint doin much, and i'm just stuck here in need of a lobotomy. oh hush. it aint that bad, and you know it. the boredom? oh yeh. it is that bad. but the rest of me? not gonna jump offa bridge today, so that i reckon that would mean that I am ok. right? right.

anyhow kids... my post for today is a lesson on 'positive thinking' or more like --

"the power of positive thinking "

ya see, a lot of you have read my lengthy, but somewhat humorous fish tale on here not too far back, right? if not, it's here--and long as hell. but you need to read it to appreciate our 'new-to-us boat . :))

which is where the positive thinkin thing comes into play. you see, last night as i was lookin for the 'thing' for my - where soul came from thing'... i also came across a poem i wrote many years ago... even before the disdain i felt for the boat on that fateful tournament night in the post i linked above.

so--- my mom didn't teach me much in the way of 'life lessons' -- directly, as much as she did in the way of teaching me how i DID NOT want to be. but yep-- she did often tell me of the power of positive thinking. and of course God, for that i will be forever grateful to her. even if she did screw everything else up. those two things she gave me, have kept me sober, sane , and alive through this life i have been given.

anyhow--- here is the poem.... next is the PROOF of the power in positive thinking -- and 'thanking God in advance.'

thanks mom.
(possibly written in '03? hard to tell)

click it to make it bigger-- twice if yer blind like me :))

(purchased over a few months-- parked in our storage about a month or two ago)

-- side note : it IS a "yellow Bullet"

( just a extra somethin for y'all--

keep your days where ya want em to be-- i'm tired of lettin mine kick my butt-- i am takin the reigns today !

happy tuesday