Tuesday, August 7, 2007

She's Home !

I got my baby back baby back baby back ribs ! I mean i got my baby back HOME. yep. she's home, and safe. and happy to be here. and i, needless to say, am happy to have her. we're both exhausted now though. her, because she stayed up all night with her cousin last night, and me, cuz i woke up early this morning, then the exhausting nerve wracking drive to and from the airport...not to mention a big lunch. i see a nap in the near future...for both of us. what a relief to have my girl back home. gramma misses her already though. i knew she would, she never has done goodbyes very well. they had a good visit though.
anyhow... will c yall latah
have good days.

it's almost time to go get my girl!!! woo hoo!

yep..less than an hour, and i leave for the airport. i'm not looking forward to driving through dallas... but i can't wait to see my kiddo !! i sure have missed her. i hope i don't get lost! you know me and driving don't go well together...especially in dallas. i'm nervous...but , i have two maps...so i should be fine. gonna give myself some extra time though, just in case. and i have two different routes...just in case there's an accident or bad traffic. i sure don't want to be late.

anyhow. not much else to report right now.

will write more later on.

c yaaaaa