Monday, March 8, 2010

i bring you -- soulkid on film --- happy 16th kiddo

here ya go folks -- someone better like it -- i spent two whole days on these -- well -- here's the long version -- i still have to add music to the short one --

this one is short of 8 minutes long -- but if the photos bore you? i guarantee you'll like the song :)) and i also bet it's been a long time since you've heard it.

and i apologize in advance -- cuz the music runs 20- 30 seconds over the pics -- it's hard to perfect these things. regardless, enjoy --

(btw -- if you pop out the video and watch it 'full screen - the photos look much better - and there's less distraction around it -- just sayin. -- click bottom right icon on video box - press esc to got back to reg size screen )

short version-- FINALLY DONE -- i hope - 3/9
shy of 2.5 minutes

you likee? i DO -- both of em. course , she's mine. :))

i'm blind -- and oh sooooo done.

g'night folks

it'sanuther mughnday folks howdoyoudooo?

(ZERO COMMENTS ? - really? hmmmm. i'm heartbroken. was it really that boring?)

hiya folks---
hope your day is off to a good start-
here? well... if ya count wakin up late-- wakin up to a too sick to go to school soulkid -- yeh, i know :(( -- and remember at the 'last minute' , that today is when i have to be 1.5 hours down the road at the sheriffs office at 10:30 - to claim my stolen property -- doin fine -- well then, i spose i'm off to a fine start. yup. just dandy.

so. i'm tryin to get some coffee in me, then i gotta call the school, and get ready and on the road. soulman is off work today so at least he will be able to drive me out there this time. and yes-- it's still friggin raining. and if i remember correctly -- it was rainin last time i made this trip -- like a month or so ago. ugh. so yeh, glad i don't have to drive.

so-- anyhow- if you're here for the video -- or i should say -- the disaster-- geesh i haven't had this many problems with a video since i first started learnin how to do em. i swear i spent 8 hours on that damn thing yesterday. what a mess. i ended up makin 2 of em. the first one? it ended up bein waaaay too long to hold y'all interest -- i'm sure. maybe not. but i just feel like it's way too long. plus i don't have the music i want on my computer! i thought i could get songs off i-tunes to use-- but if so- i can't figure it out. and if not i have to find my cd's in this hell pit - and upload it -- and if i don't have what i want- and i don't think i do-- i may have to go to the used cd store and buy it -- and then upload it---. same for the second-- yep-- a second, and much shorter version.... same music problem--- but the video is only like 2 minutes long vs... lord-- maybe 15 minutes long. some of y'all may watch both -- family and old timers prolly -- but for the rest of ya-- i'll spare ya the agony and post both -- but obviously -- my morning is booked. so more waiting. i'll get er done-- by dinner. that's like 5-6 p.m round here. tx time.

on that note-- i must get started here-- when i get back from the police place i shall let ya know if my earrings were there.

hmmmm.... not sure why-- but i'm nervous about goin .

and no-- decided against takin the tv-- i know i didn't claim one-- so i aint even gonna consider takin it-- thanks charlotte -- or mary ? :O for lettin me know they auction it and not 'dispose of 'it'. that makes me feel better. we need our roads fixed :))

anyhow--- i'm off -- really -- to start my day--

i shall return...

happy days -- hope you get some sunshine in your worlds today-- we aint. :))