Saturday, October 15, 2011

if dogs could read - would they take heed ?

 mornin peoples - and peoplettes -  how's things in your worlds today?  hope this finds y'all in a happy day ... 

things in my world are - well, fair to midland i could say .  the last  few days have been a true roller coaster ride.  lots of things goin on.  actually i spose i could say it's been a real crazy week.  i reckon i'll start with the most recent and work my way backwards.  the main, and the most  worrisome happinin lately is our youngster, 'Sushi'.  most of you know she is our pup, the miniature pinscher.  

 sushi- in her bee suit - 2010?

 well, our poor lil sushi  had to go to the doggy doc yesterday. she had been very sick for a couple of days.  she had been puking BLACK for two days.  ALOT. twice ON my bed! yup went thru two bedspreads ! in a matter of minutes.. i ended up havin to break out my grammas hand sewn quilt - that i have never had on a bed. ever.  luckily - it went unscathed - cuz we decided to crate the poor baby overnight.  these things happened near bedtime - but the puking had been goin on for a couple hours.

the next day she 'seemed' to be better .. but still vomiting some, but less - and not 'herself'.  - (we keep the dog dishes in the back of the house in the laundry room so i wasn't sure if she had been eating or drinking -- i assumed she was. ) - so that night we left her out of her crate.  she sleeps in our bed - so yesterday morning i woke up with her dry heaving on my bed.  and it sounded bad -- hard and painful.  i put her outside asap.  i didn't watch her - but i'm sure she got sick.  a few minutes later after she came back in.. she puked in my bedroom.  this time it was only a little bit - and was obvious she hadn't been eating.. it was only stomach acid.. greenish/yellow.  that's when i made an appointment with the vet.  it wasn't gonna be til three hours later.  in that time - i i planned to get bills paid and do biness stuff.  (payday= bill day) . i hadn't been in my office for a few days - where my desk-top puter and bills etc are ...
 that's when i  found the culprit on the office floor moments after i set the appointment. you won't believe what it was --- a package of 'desiccant' ! yep the stuff that comes in shoe boxes and such that says 'Do Not Eat - 1000 times all over it. welp , it was empty - she ate it. and  poor baby. she who eats ALL would eat nothing last night. 

 desiccant + Sushi = a very sick puppy 

she is in a lot of pain. she cried and whimpered at only the slight touch of a stethoscope!   
in the beginning of the exam - and the extent of her pain.. and the area of it ... the things the vet said -- ooh , i was terrified at what the outcome might be.  her pain was so severe -- and in the area of her liver, pancreas, upper gastro/stomach, and other vital organs - i almost collapsed at the possibilities of 'losing ' her.
i agreed to extensive lab work , stool sample / for blood, x-rays- for an obstruction, and other tests.  they don't do IV's on dogs her size - they somehow do a fluid injection into her back.  which caused a fluid sac to form in her chest!  it made her pain unbearable for her!  her legs shook when she stood or walked. she cried at the slightest touch .  it was so awful for her - that i almost couldn't stand it myself !
she had to stay at the vet for about five hours .. i couldn't stop worrying the whole time.  
the good news is -- her labs were great! (aside from excess fat :)) , but that was no surprise.. the lil piglet weighs 22 pounds!.. someone needs to go on a diet methinks .  her vital organs are wonderful.  no surgery- or imminent death. that was a huge relief.  because i was certainly preparing myself for the worst.  you know she is my tick. we are attached at the hip. when i am home and not movin around she is in the chair right next to me! always. i was sooo upset all day.  after she got home i tried to feed her- everything i could think of. that would be light on her tummy.  she wouldn't eat a thing. very unlike her - she eats anything anytime.

good news?  this morning, she is doing better.  less pain, but still has some. it's obvious, but she is getting around better.  i gave her some  cambells chicken noodle soup :))  she only ate the broth.  but at least she ate something. she woke up- went outside as usual, ate, and came back to bed.  i feel terrible for her.  but am so happy that she is getting better and didn't kill herself from eating that stuff. 


good lawd -- wanna know what it cost us to save her ass?  569.00  !!!!  thank God it was payday !!! (AND we actually were lucky enough to get a tax refund this year -- guess when it hit the bank? yup, yesterday.  there is a little luck in my world :)) - between the vet , and new tires on soulkids car?  we only missed under 100.00 bucks .. woot) 

i reckon this is a long enough post for one day -- but i do have somethin for a special friend of mine -- you know who you are -- LOOK what i saw at the store the other day -- watch your mail LBF -- i just may get a wild hair some day  :))