Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i saw ray charles in a memphis airport - sadly, he didn't see me.

[Very similar to THIS ]

true story. years ago. back in the day. i told soulkid the story for the first time the other day. i got only that far when she said "awww". soulman then tells her "He was blind". she found that to be quite funny. i didn't even need to finish the story- it now remains just a joke in just one line. a soul original -- but it's for real. only me i reckon. my whole life could be one funny compilation of one liners if i were a good joke teller. it would also be a best selling novel if i'd ever get to frickin writin. i recently invested in a brand new and not very cheap desk top computer, for the sole reason of writing said novel... non fiction--under the guise of fiction, of course. i chose a name for the book and everything. have i typed a single word yet? well. no. no i haven't. oh, i did write the title -- umm, type and save the title i should say. but, yeh. no further have i gone.

there was a time several years ago though- on my first attempt at the same book- with a different title ... i had over 200 single spaced, type-written pages down. IN my computer-- with NO back up. (SIGH) then it happened. our computer crashed. and with it, went my book. and any gumption i had to write it. anything since then have merely been bad attempts at bad attempts. bleh. i am a disillusioned soul as i think about that. and no, it isn't due to lack of encouragement. many many folks have told me i could, and-or- should write a book. i've had offers from folks who would even help me write it. i appreciate all of that - i always have -- it has been coming my way for many years-- longer than i have been blogging, but obviously a lot more since i have been writing publicly. anyhow-- yeh, i don't know why, but i for some reason, lack the confidence i need in order to put this life in book format. i also know -- if i would just start writing-- it would get written. anyways-- i have no idea why i just said all that-- i spose it's a sample of my fear of writing a book. a real editor would want a million dollars to edit through my chicken scratch senility bloBettes. how do i just get to the meat of it all? and with soulman on x-box live, no less. just haelP me.

so anyways----

i bet ya cash money ya couldn't find my ass with a magnifying glass without catching it on fire first ! :))

nope- i can't take credit for that one. but like i said before, my life is a book full of one liners. believe it or not- my second in a lifetime (male) masseuse said that to me the other day whilst i got a massage. i always ask for a woman, but my girl moved and he was the only one that new my medical issues... so really no choice--- and i go for medical reasons, deep tissue - not fru-fru stuff. so get your heads outta the gutter :))
anyhow-- that was funny -- cuz really -- it's almost true-- lotsa folks tell me i have NO ass. :))

ok, i'm boring even myself, looks like bedtime for soulio.

but wait-- remember when i said soulkid was smart enough , and motivated enough to catch up on her classes? well guess what? she has been in this school for literally four school days... came home on friday to tell us she finished English for the YEAR!! GO Soulkid !! that , my friends-- is after completely missing SIX WEEKS of school. what? i aint braggin. just sayin :))

ok then. g'nite folks --
see ya manyana