Wednesday, November 24, 2010

fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he

hiya folks -- it's me again.  it's hard to believe that it's only wednesday around here.  a lot has happened in the last couple days .  i've kinda thrown a bit up on facebook - and i guess a little here too.  but for the rest of the story ----

monday -- was the horrible trip to dallas for the VA endocrinologist appointment.  the worst part of that whole thing was the more than an hour wait at the pharmacy -- and then the long drive -- in the dark home ... did i mention that i can't see at night?  i never drive at night.  it was bad.  but, i survived.  i'm the type i guess, when i'm thrown into a pool, i'll swim if there's no one to save me.  i always manage to get out of a bad situation.  even if i don't think i will at first.  so yeh, i survived.  home never looked so good.

so- ya wanna know what i found out there?  wanna know if i liked the dr.?  ok. here's what happened.  apparently i was a rare case there at the dallas VA.  and it was kinda embarrassing.  i did like the dr. tho.  it was a young woman, and she was thorough and nice.  she called in, and or brought me to like four different dr's to "see" me.  well.. one in to see me - for help in treating me.  then the others to kinda show what i 'look like'.  yeh, i know.  weird.

wanna know why she  / they were so intrested?  cuz i was in 'addisons crisis.'  yeh no kiddin.  that is not a good thing.  it does explain a lot of how i've been feelin tho.  i reckon i can stop lookin for the truck that keeps runnin over me... ten times a day.  addisons disease is rare in itself-- addisons crisis-- even more rare.  some people can die in addisons crisis -- if nnot treated.

this is about the third time i have been in this bad of a crisis.  but the worst was when i was so weak i literally could not walk.  it wasn't that bad this time.  -- but i'm tellin ya - i bet if they didn't catch it now -- it wouldn't have been much longer before it did get as bad or worse than it has been - or could get..  i've barely been gettin out of bed lately.  maybe four hours in the morning-- then back down til dinner  -- up to eat -- then back down til morning. 

i had been thinking it was the iron deficiency - and thought the iron pills should kick in any time.  well they haven't done a thing.  also i been thinkin 'i'm depressed', etc etc.  well no wonder i can't move.  my blood pressure is near dead, dehydration, add the low iron etc.  and depression.  it's a wonder i haven't jumped off a bridge by now.  so-- i was glad they caught that.  they gave me a giant dose of steroids - brought up my BP...  prescribed a separate type of steroid, plus injections for emergency.  and made a follow up for next month.   sound like fun?  yeh-- me too. 

so.  that was monday.

yesterday - tuesday -- as i was gettin ready for my rhizotomy appointment--- no-- wait.  i was gettin ready monday -- it was then, that douglass decided to freakin, out of the blue - attack me!  not once, but twice !  first was in the bathroom by my closet door.  he jumped up from nowhere and grabbed hold  of my finger with his razor sharp claws!  he drew blood-- and a lot of it.  then when i walked out of there -- he was waiting for me and attacked my damn bare leg !!!  i couldn't believe it. 
within an hour - i was on the phone with the vet -- scheduling his surgery !  yep. for his declaw and neuter.  that'll teach him!  ya know i had been planning this for a while.  but i kept coming up with excuses.  but really that was the last straw.  he was getting more destructive by the day, and now he thought he was just gonna start attacking people?  not me. 
so i got that scheduled and drop off was yesterday and pick up was this morning.

hubby dropped him off at the vet and did all that stuff, then came back for me to go get the rhizotomy.  that went well, i guess.  the pain was fairly mild when i got home.  but man - when the good meds wore off?   i couldn't get enough of mine i had on hand in me.  it hurt.  i did my best to just sleep.

so- now here we are at wednesday -- douglass got picked up pretty much first thing.  he seems to be doing real well.  we keep the cat food up on a shelf in the laundry room -- so the dogs don't eat it.. so i brought it out to him, i let the dogs outside first -- and gave him some water too.  he was happy to see that.  he's just kinda chillin now. 

as for me?  that damn rhizotomy ?  all i can say is OWWWWW.  give me drugs.  this one is hurting more than the last -- but thankfully no where as bad as the first.  so hopefully it will be ok in a few days.  in the mean time, me and douglass will just gimp around for a while, and take our pills.  :))

in my world that's a lot of crap for just a couple days don't ya think? 

btw-- if you're wonderin.. i do feel more energy since the endo appt- and the boost of roids.  i just hope i don't get roid rage -- or moon face.  been there before - and it aint no fun at all, by golly

sorry i didn't have anything exciting to say - but that's life in soulland lately. 

how's life in your worlds?  any big turkey day plans?  we will of course be here - but we have travel plans for christmas :))

happy humpday folks -