Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter peeps! (plus late entry)

(no, i don't have any this year-- sorry erin.. :))

(this is me-- in my closet-- with NO church clothes!)
call me a heathen !
MAYBE, if i had something to wear to church, we'd be at easter service right now--
or-- maybe we just don't do church.
they say God sees our soul--
but they also say--
good intentions, pave the way to hell.
so.. i spose--
i'm damned if i do, and i'm damned if i don't.
i'm just a heathen , regardless.
so- if you went - or are going to church--
pray for my SOUL. :))

there also won't be any Easter egg hunting here today--

perhaps-- THIS, is why--
it just hasn't been my month ! :))

aside from that--
plans today?
will include FOOD, and movies, and not much else that i am aware of.
perhaps fishing, if the weather is any good.
we fished a little yesterday, but neither caught anything.
the water was real muddy-- from all the rain and wind lately-- maybe that's why??
but the weather has been great the last couple days. warm !!
i love warm!

tell me about your Easter plans...
and FOOD-
y'all know how much i LOVE food !!!

we're havin brisket-- did i say that already?
and a chicken-
(both on the egg-- YUM)
corn on the cob
brown and serve rolls
and a pie
i guess
i will have to venture to the store for the pie and salad crap--
which i am NOT lookin forward to.
as you well know.
oh, and i will prolly make deviled eggs too-- i lOVE them!

have very good days today in your worlds !!!

(late entry -- after a few hours of boredom )

EE -- look what i stole from soulkids easter basket !!!
JUST for YOU ! :))

this would be ME-
playing with soulkids easter basket-
well, i was putting it together-
then i decided to steal the peeps-
and play with the flower !
i don't think i will ever grow up.

along with several others-
but i'm sure i'll be ok---