Saturday, May 30, 2009

"senile" photo challenge - beauty is in the eye of the beholder -

welp folks-- i ran out of time again in getting fresh photos for this, so here are some i already had in my files... next time-- i will get new pix. i meant to this time -- but as usual, i was playin catch up-- and never got caught up. musta been that darn nap yesterday. actually, it may have been a coma. i'm not sure. :))

ok here's the pix---

the first is not something i think i would be the beholder in. but many other people do think snow is beautiful. this was taken in Iowa, on a trip i took out there to visit "dear liza" for a few days... i am not a snow person...especially when it comes to drivin in it. i drove on a sheet of ice for like 2 hours..maybe an hour and a half. my hands hurt for days due to the death grip i had on the steering wheel.

yep, that was some fun stuff. :))

here, on the other hand IS somethin that would be "in the eye of the beholder"
to0 . i caught this thing myself night fishin-- with a plastic worm... it was really wild.. and so far-- from the research, and people i have asked personally-- a first. far as i know-- nobody else has caught a "clam" on a hook, and plastic bait. it's just so rare, and cool -- that's it's beautiful :)) to me.

(isn't that a song? a bad song? by bube`
--- you're beautiful, to meeee')
ok, nevermind. :))

alrighty, i saved the very best for for last---
i just may have been the only person
alive who actually saw the beauty in this dog.
this is my Midnight. she isn't "with us" anymore.
but we gave her the best life we possible could have.
she was abused when we got her. it was horrible to watch her, and very hard
to earn her trust. it took literally years for that dog to KNOW that she was safe with us, and we wouldn't hurt her. she was definitely MY dog from the begining.
from the first second our eyes met. we connected. i told her owners that day i wanted her-- within two weeks they called and said i could have her.
i jumped on it-- and picked her up within 20 minutes.
she was the best dog i ever had.

she had a flea allergy, some kind of skin condition, and early on after we got her..she almost died from mange. we did everything and anything we could to make her comfortable during these times of sheer misery , when her hair would fall out and she would be itchy and have hot spots. it was always so sad to watch.
but that was one good thing about moving to NM.. somehow it helped her skin problem. she actually looked and felt pretty good there.
anyhow-- i really loved that dog. and she knew it. i miss her. she just got old and sick. it was time. it was inhumane to keep her around just cuz i wanted her here.

so-- there's my pix .
and some blabbering narration to go with em.