Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it's 1 a.m. and i have nuthin to say -

yet here i am. just for you. somethin will come to me. it's just that i can't sleep. and here i sit in a dim and silent -- well aside from the clicking of the keyboard it's silent, office. i really have been enjoying my office this last few days, btw. it looks really nice. it's clean, and organized, and comfy. and it's , for the most part-- mine. all mine. once in a while someone comes in to use the new computer, but that's alright. i hope it doesn't get screwed up. seems any time i have something nice that's 'mine', something happens to it. it breaks, or it get lost, or stolen. never fails. sometimes if i get really lucky? it's able to be fixed.. or maybe cheap enough-- or not too sentimental, that i can replace it. but 9 out of ten times? it's just damaged or lost and gone forever.

OH! that reminds me. weird how that works out eh?
do y'all remember a few months back that the news ran the thing on the robbery ring-- after our moving company robbed us? mainly of my jewelry? then i went out there and pilfered through all the stolen stuff? to see if any of it might be mine?
well, when i was there, some stuff looked familiar-- similar-- but i wasn't positive, and none of it was anything i was cryin over-- except one pair of gold hoop ear rings -- that may or may not be the ones my (dead) aunt got me many moons ago , when my dad was dying.
well, now, so much damn time has past, i can't remember everything i 'claimed' that 'might be mine-- except , like i said those ear rings. but yesterday, the mail man brought a certified letter in my name from the sheriffs office. yeh i know. i didn't feel real good about seein that. it could be any damn thing , right?
well, i finally got the nerve to open it, after runnin every scenario through my mind. and bein as prepared for the worst as i was gonna get.
guess what it was? yep-- a letter sayin that i had 7 days to make an appointment to claim my property, or it would be disposed of. well hell. 'my property' included not only jewelry, but also a TV. i didn't claim a TV. so WTH? did i? did i go senile between then and now-- or more senile should i say? hell if i know. i really don't remember claiming a tv on my police report-- or at the police station when i looked thru all that stuff.
that was such a surreal day. it really was. it was hard. so much of folks lives just laid out on tables. friggin asshats just went into these folks homes and helped their damn selves to whatever they wanted. it was literally sickening to see. and to touch. and to think that some of it was mine-- and not be positive.
now i go in next monday -- to claim this stuff-- and like i said-- the only thing that was actually worth a crap-- was the hoop ear rings-- and there really very common, how am i to know for sure if they are mine? if i don't claim em, they'll scrap em, if no one else does. i may as well get em right? obviously they look like mine. obviously the other stuff looks like mine - or else i wouldn't have 'claimed' it. and it aint like i claimed anything that wasn't mine or on my police report, or at least what i thought to be mine.
but again-- what about the tv? i'll know it if i see it and it IS mine. if it aint? they'll 'dispose ' of it if i don't take it. nah. i'm too honest to do somethin like that. i know i am. i'd feel so guilty i'd puke all the way home. maybe they'll donate it? not throw it away. ya think?

but anyhow. this is good. at least i'm gettin some of -- hopefully my stuff back. i really am hopin the ear rings are mine. the ones my aunt gave me. it hurt my heart when i saw them gone. it hurt my heart to see all of it gone. and it still does, it still comes up in conversation. of course , no one wants to hear me cry over spilled milk. so i try to not talk about it anymore. but like i said... that damn family curse, and schleprock luck, and ziggy thing i got goin on-- it's all just really not a good combination for one lil ole soul. ya know?

so-- i reckon i'll be havin a little good news for y'all next monday.
good news is always better than some of the other crap i spew around here eh?
yep, that's what i thought you'd say.

here's the news/police video from back then about the stolen goods -

so yeh, i guess that was september '09 ; after bein robbed in august '09 - on the 1st - by our movers. people we paid. trusted. fed. and still want to sue, beat up, throw rocks at ... or whatever. but will never see what's comin to them. all because the pawn shop camera 'was down ' the day they pawned a couple rings -- that i was at least fortunate enough to recover.

anyhow-- i guess that's enough for now-- for havin nuthin to say huh?

i am beyond tired, and i have ta pee. but of course- it's one-a- those nights that i am unable to sleep. so perhaps i shall sleep blog a little. i wonder whos page will get the most incoherent of the sleep babble?

whoever it is-- feel special, i don't do this as often as i used to :))

goo'nite folks
and have a pleasant tomorrow :))