Thursday, March 27, 2008

WTH Thursday -

omg... this day is a bitch. and has been since i opened my puffy eyes at like 6 a.m. this morning.
my brain is mush. my body is unkind. i haven't accomplished a single thing today, and i'm not sure that i will. even though i really want, and need to. i literally cannot. not right now.

and especially today.
yesterday, turned out really good.
the doc appt went well.
i met with JLEE afterwards for coffee,
and we had a good visit for a couple hours.
it was really nice to drive my car.
i went and spent money on ME after that.
and i didn't feel (too) bad for it.
i used my credit card--- so it was easier than spending "real money" :))
i bought myself a watch, cuz mine is shit- well, not anymore.
and i bought myself a new camera--- that i can handle, and use better.
i also got hubby a new watch- and geve him my other camera.
- unforunately- that made him feel like a bad "gift giver" - as it was the camera he got me for christmas---he says i return "everything" he buys me.
i said it wasn't true---
until he ran down a list of about ten things i HAVE returned or exchanged.
now, THAT made me feel bad. :((
but-- anyhow- he needed his own camera for eevee pix anyhow-
so whatever. he's ok with it. he knew i wasn't comfortable with that camera.
he's ok .

ya, so anyways---- let's just say that sometimes life brings surprises that can throw us a bit off balance sometimes. and with that, i think we find what we are made of, and how much we have taught or learned from who we live with. we hurt, we heal, we struggle, we stand, and we fall.
we sleep, or we don't. we learn the importance of communication. and the danger of the lack of it. we learn to let go, we learn to hold on. and we love, as much as we can. when we can. because we never know when that chance won't be there anymore. and , we let it be known, that we love who we love, and just how much that fact will never change--- no matter what.

ya know? whether i have sat with you, hugged you, given or received a gift from you, talked only through yours or my blog, or talked a bit further on chat or email... whatever our relationship is here----

i do love all of you in my own way. i just want you to know that.
and i know that a large percentage of you know--- it wasn't long ago--- i wouldn't have said that-- or typed it. so you know-- i don't say it-- if i don't mean it. and i couldn't have come this far without y'all.

anyhow--- i guess that's a lot for a i got nuthin post huh?

hope you all have GREAT days today.