Monday, February 18, 2008

mUGHnday (w/ update)

ok.. it's 6:22 on a monday morning. ahhhhh.
i've already survived the morning animal hell, and alarm hell too.
and soulkid got up without me havin to go drag her out of bed... she's even getting ready-- hmmmm. last week she had a really hard time getting up-- and sacrificed precious primping time, to sleep in some.

speaking of kids--school--etc--- why is there school today? isn't it presidents' day? hell when i was a kid-- we got Lincoln , AND Washingtons' Bdays off school--- then they combined the two--cheating kids and government workers out of a whole free day off-- and now--- school? first time i can remember-- but is that my memory? or have they really done away with P- day being a "holiday"??? weird.

anyhow-- i haven't been awake long yet-- so am still a bit fuzzy in the head-- what else is new right-- i'm always fuzzy in the head. but anyhow-- i was trying to think of what my day today might hold.. without my calender... i was thinking.. not much. but then i remembered-- hubby goes to work late today-- so we will be getting our drivers licenses this morning. (with the new address) .

i remember last time i got my license here .. oh man. i do hope it won't be like that. i almost--well could have-- well, ok, wanted to-- hit the woman who was-- supposedly "helping" me. one simple question she should have asked would have saved me an entire day-- and 60 miles on my car. but noooo---- "i am me".. well, this time i KNOW to , before anything.. tell them i have a tx dl! just change the damned address! geesh.
bad part about gettin a license today? i am in a dire need of a haircut again. which i will not have time to take care of before the dl thing. just what i have always loved-- a bad dl pic. i've actually had a couple good ones-- but usually they are right after a haircut. soooo. what's that tell ya?

oh.. pigs ass update--- hubby stayed up til midnight cookin that damn thing. apparently it will be yummmmmay. i sure hope so. he said it was fallin apart-- and that is just how i like meat like that to be. can't wait.

as for last nights dinner-- we ended up at a place called RJ Gators--- by the mall. (but not after a few arguments of where to go)--- always fun-- not.
the food usually is very good there, but last night , for some reason, it just wasn't. was it my bad attitude ... or the fact that the cook that night just sucked? they apparently didn't have too great a night anyhow. as we were sittin there-- the waitress dropped a bowl of salsa right next to our table-- she called for the "bus-boy?" and he didn't come to clean it , so she did-- and you could tell she wasn't happy about that. then later-- we heard her tell a coworker-- "so-and-so-, just broke ALL our glasses!". (btw..we did hear them fall, and knew it was not a good situation back there)
poor girl. i bet she was happy NOT to be the bartender last night...
"oh here's your margarita in a giant plastic coke glass--- filled about a third of the way."
i really feel bad for the food industry people sometimes. i would never survive as a waitress. i did when i was young-- but not for long.. most my food work, was fast food.. but even then.. it sucks to work with the many people are assholes.
so anyhow-- to make our dinner experience even "better"... the restaurant (i am gonna STOP correcting that word-- i spell it wrong every damn time!-- glad MY spellcheck aint broke)
anyhow-- soulkid was horrified and embarrassed to be with her parents-- at the mall.. well, by the mall. she was afraid someone she knows might see her with us. :))
i do remember those days---- but i must say--- i never did have to worry about my dad wearing carharts out to eat!!! you might be a redneck if.... :))
so anyhow-- we did the best we could with what we had-- and it went ok. the first part was a trainwreck-- but the last part was alright. :))
ahhh maaaan. the joys of parenthood.

so anyhow-- that's about it for yesterday-- and today as well.. for now.
will get back to you on how things roll today--
will catch y'all latah


yes it is definitely mUGHnday
(415 pm)

why couldn't today have been a "holiday"? or at least one i knew about? yes i know that made no sense at all. but it does to me. yes, cuz i am me. ugh. yes ugh. what a day. and it aint even over yet. in fact , it's only just beginning , in a way. holy crap. i can see i shouldn't probably be writing right now.

anyhow-- i have to go to mall hell. in a few. very few. i do not want to. and y'all know it.

we didn't get our drivers licenses today-- cuz even tho there was school today-- we drove all the way to a neighboring town for the DL office-- and guess what? it's a holiday to them! dammit.
so.. we left there-- on a good hair day no less-- bet that won't happen next time. :(( and we went to some fishin place /store i've never been to. found a bunch of good deals on clearance there. we each got a rain suit and i got a t shirt and hat all for next to nuthin-- so that much was good. then we tried to fish for a while-- but it was a little chilly and windy-- i went to the car after about ten minutes, and soulman wasn't far behind me. but this was also after some bad news.... well not "bad".. but just some "stuff".. we had to discuss. just stuff i can't put here. but it's really a pain in my ass.. and it ruined his day-- before him having to go to work. it just sucks. so anyhow-- we came home and i fixed some heartburn-- i mean lunch. yes we both got heartburn. it was frito pie and it was good-- but on an already stressed stomach-- it wasnt a good idea.

so anyhow-- soulkid is home , soulmans at work.. we're goin to the mall.. he'll be here when we get back.. i'm in a shitty mood..he prolly is too. we'll eat pigs ass for dinner... we'll all act like pigs asses... and i will see y'all later.

hope your mUGHnday is goin bettah than ours....
and Jlees
so far
(and i don't think i'm too sure about anyone elses at this point...
i'll check in later on