Monday, December 22, 2008

tis i, the epic blog failure --

hi folks... how's life out there in your worlds? i hope y'all are doing well, and being happy.
things here are pretty much the same as always. just truckin along. or would that be stumbling along? that's more like it i think. as we trip over a rock here and there.

today was supposed to be the day that i would have the thyroid scan done. the "t-123" thing. i forget the exact name it is. but i was to go in at 7:45 , swallow a nuclear iodine capsule, get my thyroid scanned/ then leave and go back at 2pm to get scanned again... then again, tomorrow at those same times to be scanned again. BUT, just as we were on our way out the door this morning, the doctor called and canceled. it was kinda like on the movie Balto; when the snow storm prevented the medicine from being delivered. ha. really that's what happened. he said the snow somewhere had held up the delivery of the capsules on order, so we had to cancel the appointment
and wait until he knew the med delivery time before we scheduled again. terrific. i thought it would get bumped all around for weeks, conflicting with other appointments and things; but luckily he can do it tomorrow and the next day. yes, i know, i'm not thrilled about goin in on christmas eve day myself, but after that, it's a tangled mess of other stuff. so i grabbed it. i have to be there at 645 and 1 tomorrow and the next day. how fun. oh and no coffee tomorrow. not until after the first part of the test. i hope i sleep a little later than i did today. i was up at 4 today and couldn't drink any coffee or anything, and started to get a headache by the time the doc called... you know the coffee pot got started soon as soulman knew what was happenin on the phone. it's good to be loved. :))

so anyways, i'm craving ice cream like a pregnant woman. i don't know why. and NO, i am NOT pregnant :)) . maybe a quittin smokin thing. ya think? i didn't quit yet, but i have cut waaaaay back, and am taking chantix. almost a month ago... wait-- 2 months ago-- ya, i knew thatsounded wrong. about 2 months ago, when i had the lung thing goin on, i was up to three packs of cigs a day; sometimes a little more - or maybe a hair less. since then i have tried to quit several times. only actually stopping for the longest , i would say was maybe 7 or 8 days. after that, it was hit and miss. but since i started the chantix, i'm hovering around half a pack a day. maybe less on some days.
so anyways, i want ice cream! and soulman won't go get it-- someone yell at him for me. :))

jamie's back !! i know most of you know-- but if you didn't know-- she is. same bat time, same bat channel !!! woo hoo . (that would be simonsays for some of y'all).

just thought i'd get that outta the way.

well peoples, i'm gonna try to cruise around and see ya later on. hope all is well in your worlds.
it's just peachy here in mine :))