Tuesday, January 13, 2009

it's a two-fer tuesday

(the below post was transferred from jamies comment box. i figured i would put it here , just because if anyone misses it there-- anyone who needs to see it might catch it here. )


apparently, in an earlier statement i left here... which i clearly have since deleted... for obvious reasons...was a bit misinterpreted by several folks as unkind to jamie/ "dear liza". that was not my intention.

the written world here in blogland is often "misheard" , so allow me to clarify a couple of things.

first - when it comes to taking things the wrong way in the written world -- i am the worst one in the history of blogging. i can take the simplest of words and perceive them as a personal attack.

apparently that happened here. and some people understood my "reaction" / comment as anger towards jamie or maybe even a disregard to her home, or hospitality. it was neither, i assure you all.

jamie has a gorgeous home. she says she didn't clean house while i was there so that we could spend time together... what i said about her house truly was a compliment-- meaning that she has an immaculate home... that doesn't need constant attention.
she is a wonderful hostess, and i was very spoiled by her there. she even brought my coffee to me in the morning. she's a great cook, and i can't brag on her enough. i am not used to being a guest in someone's home, and maybe i didn't think about the fact that i should have mentioned all of that when i got back. she even remembered that my favorite candy was peanut butter m-n-m's.. and when i left i hadn't eaten any-- so she let me take the whole bag home.

i don't know how to right what damage i have done, by what i said. it honestly wasn't meant the way that it was "heard".

so.. i guess i can't say any more than that..
except that i have apologized to her for embarrassing her publicly on her page -- through my own white-trashism.
and i also apologize to her kids, and trav.

i had a wonderful time there.

and i thank her for that.

i guess that's enough out of me.


what the hell just happened?

i mean really. WTF!?

wasn't it just a couple days ago that i was states away from here sittin in my best friends house, feeling at ease, laughing - sarcastically of course - about all the bullshit that life can throw at people. (us, mainly-- cuz most of the time it's just friggin unbelievable for either of us.)

and i'll be damned if if everything didn't go right back to the norm just as quick as the airplane got off the ground. it's just bullshit i say.

i had planned on comin in here and of course bein my sarcastic self - and write some long ass post about the kid gettin sprung from the hoosegow today . she does, but y'all already know--
and yes i'm a nervous wreck. blah-- i'll save it.
i just assume it might end up at some point like a bring your daughter to work day ---

maybe like that poor fellas.
(or not)

but anyways. things are ok here for the moment-- always subject to change at any given moment-- i'll let ya know how that works out.

but - like a boy-scout
i am always prepared.
well.. almost always.

what i wasn't prepared for was some news i recently got --- and i really don't know how to handle it. well cuz, i just don't. i know what i want to do. what i'm willing to do. all that sort of stuff. buuuuut. always a but right? but- i am afraid to act -- due to my fear that i can't be of any help anyhow. or my help isn't wanted in this situation... or maybe it's the timing.

i honestly don't know. i know my heart is always in the right place. but my mouth or actions never fail to screw shit up.

so i reckon i am outta heah ---
hoping y'all have the best day possible in your worlds today=