Friday, January 25, 2008

does it take a degree to be a weather man?

and i think i always mix up weather and whether . so i guess i could never have that job regardless.
but anyhow... for the passed (another word i get wrong alot = passed-past) hmmm.. yep this is a vocab lesson.
soooo--- yep-- two days worth of-- oh we are gonna freeze to death, freezing rain, polar blast, blah blah blah--- they even sent the road workers home early yesterday so they could go back in at midnight last night. HA! and people wonder why they call us rednecks????
well.. you might be a redneck if- you panic at the sight of a dropping temperature gauge . good Lord.
so anyhow-- here i am, watchin the weather on tv.. ... the last thing hubby said before he went to get ready for work? "they'll say "we dodged the bullet this time"... seems that's what they always say here, when they warn us of these things. so.. five minutes after he leaves the room... what do they say on tv...
"we dodged the bad weather predicted"... (or some damned thing)... but really. how smart do ya have to be to GUESS at that crap?'s cold. it's damn cold. ugh.
sooo... all day yesterday i locked myself inside.. thinking it was like 5 degrees outside... come to find out-- it got up to 40--- which , mind you-- is still bone chilling to ME. (oh shut up all you snow queens, i'm a whimp and i know it) :)) but still...
but anyhow-- now they're tryin to cover their mistake and say we are gonna get all the cold and ice today--- oh right. so, now i'm debating on weather or would that be whether-- :)) --- i want to go outside today...and maybe get food in this damned place-- or continue to eat high dollar , high fat, nasty ass to go food. that i hate. like pizza... and hamburgers. altho-- wendys' chili and fries were good last night. and sushi did enjoy the calzone that hubby dropped on the floor the night before. this is just getting ridiculous. i must shop. who wants to come be my shopper?

ok.. well.. enough babble.. not much to write about when you don't leave the house.

perhaps i will come up with something later.

hope you all have happy days---
you know i will try