Saturday, August 16, 2008

a little of this--and none of that ---

i am childless today--
and have been very busy aaaalll morning--
and hubby worked a few hours but is off now--
and we are gonna quit for the day---
and hit the lake...
it's been hell week here for the both of us-- and we are just done----
i will eventually have to wash my damn dishes of course-- that WERE done-- but oddly enough, appeared from nowhere, after soulkid "cleaned her room. UGH.
i do believe the time has come for HER TO WASH THE F"N DISHES.
if only i could get beyond my dirty dish phobia. OMG. i just cannot. i don't trust her dish washin skillz. i have seen them before-- greasy, food filled glasses, and plates-- eeewweeee. i can't like it !!!

so anyhow-- yep-- so far i have fixed some bank crap-- got HALF my overdraft fee back-- and they said it won't mess up my credit or bank stuff.. PHEW.. obvious mistake and fixed the next day-- so that's a relief.

still cant bring myself to call the credit card peeps... why can i not face my life??

i guess i should say "responsibilities " here-- cuz when i said "life" to soulman.. he got upset-- and said "your life isn't that bad"... well, ummm, skuuuuze the hell outta ME.
better start analyzing my choice of words... before i speak -- ya think?

so oooo--- what i was gonna say-- before i bagan the war of babble-on... was-- for it to be only noon.. i have actually accomplished quite a bit-- so i do believe i am allowed to quit for the day--- and go catch me some fishies---

OH HEY !!!


do yall remember me talkin about soulmans' friend gettin killed a couple weeks ago-- in the motorcycle crash???
well, i know it's short notice, and i really meant to put this up here like a week ago-- but well, you know- and i didn't... but here it is-- and i know none of y'all are rich by any means.. but there will be a memorial fishing tournament in this guys honor, and proceeds will go to his family. he left behind a son, fighting in Iraq, a daughter, soulkids age, and a five month old baby. oh, and of course a wife.

soulman and i are going to fish it .. of course-- the day of the tournament is august 23rd.. and is sponsored by Fun - N - Sun / Sporting Center / boat and tackle sales.

which is the store he was hit in front of. and also where he had several friends and would hang out and talk, etc, and buy tackle, etc.

so anyhow-- i am hoping that if anybody wants to make a donation - in any amount-- even 10-20.00 will help.

soulman has paypal.. or if you would rather-- you could send it directly to Fun-N-Sun .. who will be the people who will give the cash directly to the family.
of course soulman will too.
he knew these people.

so anyways if you want or need more info
ask any questions here

ok.. soulman is back with the boat-- and i gotta go--
i shall return.. hopefully with a big ole fish pic!
happy satahday