Friday, April 11, 2008

hell week has ended !

hi y'all
no, i haven't spontaneously combusted out here.
although, i could have. i think i feel like i did.

it has definitely been a rough couple of days. sorry for going M.I.A.

really though... you wouldn't have wanted to read, or hear anything i had to say lately anyhow. however, i did attempt a few times to write -- it was just - too whiny-- even for me.. there was no way that even I could find humor in it this time. so it was just better left alone.
i missed ya though. sorry i didn't get around much- and thanks for stoppin in. :))

it really has been hectic and mass confusion :
very busy , and too much for my mind to grasp and process in a short two days.
but i think it's under control now.

except for the fact-
that my head is exploding this morning.
hopefully, that will pass soon.

but-- since i don't have little monkeys to deliver me a second cuppa joe-
i'll be gettin that now.... coffee is my lifeline ya know-
well, one of several :))

so anyhow.. a lot of what's been going on lately is more medical crap.
many of you have been through this stuff with me over the last year..
and it seems to be the same thing every time-
mysterious, curious symptoms-- many worrisome tests...
and after days, or weeks of worry--- all comes back well-- except me.
SO--- i'm not even gonna go there this time.. til i have some real answers-- IF i get any.
because at this point-- all it is is more crap-- and waiting..

on the brighter side:
i DID manage to sell my behemoth of a couch yesterday..
i could have -and should have asked , and got a lot more for it, but i just wanted it out of here.
so-- it's gone.
and i have a smaller- more comfy couch already waiting to go there.
that will not take up that entire room .

so anyhow-- i spent most of yesterday cleaning my house, and cleaning up that couch-
getting ready for the lady to come buy it.
both looked good.
i'm glad to have the couch gone- and the house clean btw.

as for today-- i MUST wash my ten loads of laundry-
lest it eat me!!!

we are going away for the weekend--
and boy howdy-- do we need it!
we are all three a bunch of stressed out wrecks-
soulmans mom and three of her sises will be here- and the other sis lives out there-- (near our timeshare) ---
so-- we are hoping for a relaxing couple of days.

we wanted to take the boat and fish-- of course--
but of course "mommason" - has other plans-- and we won't have time to fish- so it's not worth the extra gas or effort to haul the boat etc .
so we will be truly "visiting."
but really-- they all are fun to hang out out with...
just listening to those four sister laugh at that age-- and to see them having remained so close for so long-- just "tickles " my heart !
i just sit and listen , and if nothing else i do realize that
the sound of laughter really is my favorite thing to hear.

i hope you all have happy weekends out there-
i will miss y'all, as i won't have internet again-
am debating if i will be back sunday night or monday night-
i am thinking that my child shouldn't miss monday at school.
so i may be back sunday .

anyhow-- i will be catchin up with y'all today-
things have setled down here a bit-
and so have i.
bout time eh?