Sunday, August 24, 2008

sometimes it just feels good to CUSS

don't you agree?

i don't know if i ever said that before- or even realized it til just a minute ago. but i do believe that it's a true statement. at least for me. her'e the scenario:
soulman: playin x-box 360 live (call of duty 4) .....
me: online- i'm wearing headphones-- but nothing is playing... dunno why.

so-- i hear him say "Fuck"

i say-- just for the hell of it-- "fuck"

soulman: chuckle
me: fuck..hee hee
him: what?
me: fuck!.. ya know? sometimes , it just feels good to cuss. dontchya think?
him: ya, i guess so. G-- dammit!
me: fuck.
us: haha
him: i think,, "you bee-itch", is my favorite."
me: we're so stupid..
us-- back to what we're doin...

me: posting :))

y'all think i'm crazy don't you?

well, i just may be, but i don't really care. well, sometimes i don't. the only time i care is when i'm really worried about it. and right now-- i'm not. :))

so, anyhow-- what do you think? about cussin i mean. dontchya just think it feels good-- sometimes? not like arguing or anything...or in front of anyone.. i mean just say somethin-- as a release.
like ... "*sigh* awwww fuck"
it's almost like takin a shot of tequila sometimes. too bad it doesn't last as long.

lemme get my bearings here. like i had any to begin with.
it's not even noon, i slept -- are you ready-- til 8 this morning. i know. crazy huh?
and dammit-- i just lost my total train of thought. i hate it when that happens.

which reminds me--
is a train wreck--
much like my life lately.

so, - ya, i slept more last night than i have in any one night-- in literally months. months---and-- months. as in several months. i think i may have slept from before 6 or 7 pm to like 8 am. i was amazed-- and soulman, said he was actual almost scared. (this morning when he got up).
i guess the tournament yesterday just wore me the hell out. when i woke up this morning i felt like i had been hit by a train. maybe two trains. TWICE. omg-- i was in some terrible pain. my neck, back, and legs. man. in fact- i wasn't sure i'd make it out of bed-- and when i did-- i didn't think i'd make it out of my chair for coffee-- then-- when i got up for the coffee-- i had to wonder-- would i ever get back up?
that's when i took the pain med of all pain meds. good stuff-- but it renders me useless-- and blind. stoned i suppose. but it's not like a fun stoned-- more like a paralyzed stoned. i don't like it. i wish i did... but as y'all know--
"can't have nuthin" :))

and now-- a couple hours-- ish later-- feeling only a hair better-- as in not so blind-- and able to walk-- somewhat-- and see better.. i think i need to take a pain pill. looks like i'll be "stoned" -- or in y'alls terms-- "useless".. all damn day.

and on a day that i have much to do.
one of which is my favoritist of all-- the damn mall. ERG!!!
and you know, i'm puttin that off as log as possible-- i think the mall closes at like 630--- i'll be sure to get there about 5 or 530. i don't want to go at all. i begged that kid to be done with this school crap weeks ago. nooooo. she had to get all her summer playin out of the way first. so now i get the crunch put on ME, at the last minute-- and of course on a day i feel like crap.
you know you wanna be me.

so-- anyhow-- i think i mentioned the tournament-- but never got anywhere with that-- aside from complaining.
the rest of it??
minus the gory details of soulman and i arguing for at least a third of it. cuz we just seem to do that. he can't handle the pressure or competitiveness--- or something-- but it really does seem we argue every damn time we fish a tourney--- not every time we fish-- only in tournaments. and yesterday-- ugh. i told him--"i am never fishin another tournament with YOU ever again!"
(but-- that's all changed now-- he has ONE more chance. we argue-- tourneys are OUT - for us)

so anyhow--
did we win? nope.
he got two keepers-- the only wo weighables we had. almost five pounds worth-- no where in the running in the top five.
BUT-- his friend that he has been fishing tourneys with this passed season with--jim-- and his partner, yesterday-- did win first place-- with over fifteen pounds-- they won 3500.00 !!! saweeeeeeet !!!! i'm glad they won. if not us, at least it was someone we know, right.

all this time-- 3 weeks or so- we thought ALL proceeds went to the fam.. but it was -- after prize and raffle ticket money-- the family got half the proceeds-- which -- in my math-- if they paid out five places-- and first paid 3500.00-- even half of what was left was surely a nice chunka change-- wouldn't ya say?? and-- i think i only heard of one fish dyin-- before they left to release them. they fished four lakes-- not sure how many boats-- i know last i heard was 30-- but i think it had to have been more by the end. but anyhow-- four area lakes-- and all the fish got released back into "our lake"... bwa hahahahaha.... the big bass was almost 8 lbs, i think.. i hope i catch him some day :))