Monday, August 4, 2008

yippee--- we made it !!!

we're home!!! we have our doggies! they were so happy to se us-- and we were happy to see them. and ALL of us were happy to BE home. and the kitties missed us and were happy we were back too.
we've been zombies for about an hour and a half-- and now i think it's nap time for me.
i have lots and lots of pics -- my plan is to do a slideshow- with music-- to make them a little more entertaining to look at-- but A)-- not only did my disposable camera get wet the day we went tubin in the river-- but B) the second time-- the day the other two soul peeps went to the outlet mall hell--- well.. i did somehow manage to talk them into droppin me off at the river to tube while they shopped.. i think jamies' comment had somethin to do with that :)) -- thanks bud :))
anyhow-- i took the longer trip-- over three hours vs, the 45 mins to 1hr one we took together-- and i don't know what happened-- the ONLY thing that got wet-- was the three disposable cameras ! not my cigs-- not my wallet-- not my phone-- just the cameras. i'm not complainin, just wonderin , how --or why-- that could be. so, i won't know til sometime tomorrow if any of the river pics even are gonna come out. when i find out- i will know if they get to be in the slideshow-- then it will take a while to get it put together, and up here.

and that my peoples, is about as much as i can do for now-- without fallin out on the spot-- daaaamn, i'm whooped.

i shall return later though-- and ad some pics and an update -- and tomorow, hopefully have the final wrap-up. i sure hope the river pics didn't get totally destroyed, there were some good ones on those cameras.

anyhow-- better go--
catchyalll latah-- i hope-