Saturday, May 26, 2007

fishin in the rain

well... we did end up going fishing today... regardless of the boat motor problems... and the rain. we went anyhow. we used the trolling motor for a few hours, then we tied our boat off, and got onto hubbys' friends' boat, and motored out with him a little, and fished with him for a few more hours. it was soooo exhausting....but oh soooo fun! i hadn't been fishing on a boat in like two years. ours sat parked in new mexico the whole time we were out there.... in the sun, and the rain...with goats...yes... GOATS...climbing all in, and on it. the thing is a mess...but it was a blast. and i caught fish ! look! there's one now!

hubby caught fish too...but every time he got one it was raining. in fact, it was probably raining every time anybody got any more fish, cuz this was the only pic that got taken out there today. it rained off and on all day. which sucked. we were putting our rain gear on and off every half hour. it was pretty lame. but we were glad to have it. the bad part of that was, when our storage bin got robbed a couple years gortex (100 plus dollar rain /wind gear) got stolen...along with the pants to the jacket i have now... so hubby let me wear HIS rain pants today...he only had his jacket. nice guy eh? but i looked like a big clown wearing HIS pants out there. i almost fell overboard once, then i rolled the pants up about four cuffs, so i wouldn't trip on my pant legs and drown!

so anyhow...yep. we all got fish. but i didn't get a lot. i thought i boated two...hubby says it was three or four. i can agree with three, but not four. i may have got three...heck i literally blacked out the first two hours of the day!! before leaving the house, and part of the way out there...totally do not remember stopping for gas in the truck. not a flash of it! ugh. i'm losing my mind. but anyhow. i got at least two bass that i remember...and have a pic to prove one of em. LOL. i lost two. one was a nice one too. he was almost at the boat, then he was gone. the next one hit right at the boat, and shook it out right there. i didn't even have a chance to set the hook really. then i lost another one soon as the bait hit the water he hit it.... i set the hook sooo hard....the entire line...bait, hook, and all ...came flying all the way over the boat!!! i was so lucky it didn't hit one of us. three people..and no one got hit. phew. then i just missed a couple more.
as for hubby.... i'm not even sure how many he got. at least four , five, maybe six in the boat... not sure how many he missed or lost. but he did catch several. and his friend got a bunch more than either of us...when he came to get us to go fish on his boat, e said he was getting a fish on every cast....and he may have been...cuz when we got over there, i got one on my first cast. but not another one for a hey, maybe i did get four in the boat.
anyhow, ya, he caught a bunch. we probably saw him catch maybe 8 or ten. i don't know, i was too busy trying to get my own fish!
so, anyways. we finally left. it was like 1 or two when we left...i don't know when we got home, but it's a loooong way out there. and it rained like hell on the ride back. baaad. we could hardly see right in front of us. and guess what happened? shit like this only happens to ME!
i mean like the chain of events in a short period of time...not just the...yes the ...we ran out of gas part! yep on our way home, in a torenchal downpour. after pouring hundreds of dollars into our boat, only to realize that the engine is down, and will cost another bunch of money to fix (maybe) we decide ok, we';; fish anyhow...and we get rained on all day...THEN run out of gas too!!! hmmmmmm. BUT..... the good in all of it? welll, as for the engine in the boat... jim...hubbys friend...said it may just be a cheap little part that is clogged...if thats true...we're lucky! and it could be...cuz the boat sat for so long. also... the rain...big whoop...we all caught fish. the running out of gas..... gues what? after the truck died and we got on the side of the road...after a few started....and less than a mile down the road was a gas station!!! so we filled that sucker up and drove on home. now i'm all bathed, and exhausted. if only someone would bring me something to eat and give me a back massage, i would be set!!! but, instead... i'll just call it a good day...and i think it's lights out for me...and fend for yourselves for the rest of the clan.

how bout y'all. whadya do?