Friday, August 3, 2007

My Candy Bar Taste Test (friday pt 2)

well, last night i was having a candy bar craving. i decided i wanted a skor. but, i wanted a BIG one. well hubby went in to get it...when he came out, he said they didn't have the big ones so he got one of each.. a heath and a skor. so i said, kool, now i can decide which one i like best. i already had an idea that i liked the skor better. but now came the true test. so... i always save the "best" for i ate the heath first. and actually, it did taste somewhat bland, in comparison to the skor as i remembered it tasting. not as sweet, not as ...well, just not as good. skor tastes a lot more like almond roca...just less nutty. you can taste the butter better in the skor. so... i didn't really like the heath so much...not while comparing it, and knowing that i had a skor sittin there waiting for me.
soooo... i finish the heath bar... and a couple minutes later...i rip into the skor bar. winner, hands down. no wonder they named it SKOR! that is some yummy stuff. the only thing i didn't like in the difference of the two is that skor is a bit more sticky or chewy...harder to get out of your teeth.l..especially if you have a cold drink with it.
but as for taste...
it's SKOR...hands down!!!!
and that's what i have to say about that.
now, i must get busy. lest i never get up from this chair. and that is sooo easy to do sometimes.

Same fish different day

it's all in the presentation. see how just the way ya hold a fish can make it look bigger? is that not cool? he really was kinda short and fat, but the other pic made him look long and kinda skinny...either way...he was a niiice fish. i wish we woulda had the scales!

anyhow... i have to do my crap O' the day... i shall return.

oh can click these pics to see better...the fish looks even bigger in the enlarged pix. :))