Friday, February 20, 2009

my give a damn's busted

so is my thinker. i have been sittin here for half an hour-- waiting for soulkid to get up--so she can have the first shower. yep-- three of us sharing one shower is pretty much a bitch , but -- ugh .. let's not go there.

but anyhow-- it has been a total waste of my get ready time.. because -- you prolly remember-- she doesn't have to get up anymore-- not at 5 or 6 at least-- because-- she doesn't need to be dropped off at school anymore.
have i mentioned that my memory is busted too?

however, i DO need to get on the ball about this homeschool thing. her books and stuff showed up in the mail yesterday. all.. 300.00 worth of it. this better be what she wants-- and she better be willing to do the work for it. i've heard good things about homeschool-- but of course it has it's pitfalls too. i'm not ready to deal with motivating her for school "here".. but i did get a new--new to me.. desk..and am passing my old one down to her-- so at least she can have a "work environment" aand hopefully do what's expecting of her. ugh. i'm not looking forward to it-- but there is online help with it-- tutors etc.. so it just may not be so bad. (my lack of schoolness knowledge i mean).

anyone got a match?

so-- i have my outpatient group thing goin on this morning. i go from 9-12.. but leave around 815 or so. if i'm motivated to get ready-- and today-- i'm just not.

but i gotta do what i gotta do. ugh.

i don't know what else to say here.. obviously my mind is on several different things-- and responsibilities of all of the soulclan-- and some of y'all.

and what a lovely can-o-worms this has turned out to be- i even got the mysterious underlining from nowhere.
good thing we have a therapy hog in group--
seriously-- she takes the entire group time on herself. but hey-- gives the rest of us time to not think about our own stuff. this gals much worse a basket case than the rest of us. ugh.

but hey-- the more she talks about herself-- the less i have to talk about my shit. bah. she really is hard to deal with tho-- ugh. maybe if i hit her in the head-- she'll realize the rest of us are payin this place too--- and NOT to be HER counselor. eegads-- she even overwhelms the counselor.

welp--time sure flies when ya have shit to do. but it drags it's ass on the slow boring days.

speaking of today---
check out the weather comin my way-- i do believe that fishin is order-- soon!

Partly Cloudy/Wind
Mostly Sunny
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

High: 72°
Low: 49°
High: 57°
Low: 32°
High: 62°
Low: 39°
High: 68°
Low: 46°
High: 75°
Low: 57°

well that looks like shit-- but check those numbers-- that's like winnin the lotto for me !! 70;s ? WOO HOOO!!!

i hope y'all are having good days in your worlds--
i'm tryin.
seems the best i can do lately.
i'm still not gettin very far though.

welp-- times a wastin--- and i gotsta go-