Saturday, October 17, 2009

i didn't forget-- but i would have -- thanks buddy!

here's my photo challenge pix --

"Highways and Bi-ways"

see-- i really did take a couple :)) i just kinda slept in this mornin-- sorry-- and thanks, for the reminder--- i'm sooo happy to be forgiven :))

(i'll get a regular post up later- maybe)
-- i did -- it's after the pix --

this is an old barn/house that i pass everyday
to and from school

and this is the traffic i sit in while i look at above house/barn
everyday -- to and from school

i couldn't resist to just toss this one in for fun
my eye !!!

happy saturday y'all
catchya later on

wait-- there's more :))

ok, i'm back. that was pretty stressful there -- scramblin to get those photos off my phone -- and through all the transitions to get it to the blog. phew. it actually took a little recovery time :))

anyhow -- looks like i have a couple questions to answer -- so i spose i'll start with those -- rather than the normal bitchfest of the day -

1 --- about the doctors appointment ? hmmm. well, ya see, a funny thing happened on the way to the gastro appointment. something that , as y'all know, only happens to ME. that would be, because, i am ME. so. i fought very hard to stay awake all day long. i was so tired i couldn't stand it -- or myself. i had that ' i'm so damn tired - i'm twitching!' thing goin on. well, back to the dr..... i made it there, on time, as usual. i wouldn't want to keep anyone waiting. i go in there -- an office i've never been to.

the lady says, "
you have to go next door, we're finished with all of our appointments for today."

of course, my lost and surprised self replies with -
"are you sure?"

she laughed at me!!! really y'all , right there - she laughed and says -
"yes, i'm sure, you have to go next door".

hmm, well, fuck you!
NO! of course i did not say that-- well, not, out loud at least.

so. like i said. i've never been there -- she said 'next door' .. so i left my car there -- thinkin i was walkin 'next door'.
NOT. more like the next friggin block.
i get to THE next door. i go in - say my speel.... she says
"no ma'am -- that's NEXT door. "
(an no i don't like having reached the age of ma'am being an acceptable 'name for me.)

terrific... another next door?
i trudge another half a block -- trust me, had i known? i woulda took my car. but obviously it didn't kill me, so it's ok.

so i get to the OTHER, next door. finally it's the right place.
geesh, i felt like i was on 'let's make a deal' !!
unfortunately? i chose the door with the donkey and wagon behind it !!!
ALL three of them!

turns out-- because, -- let's say it together shall we?
"because i am ME" ---
i was supposed to be there YESTERDAY (actually that would be thursday) -- rather than friday! same time tho-- so i DID have at least something right. ugh.
soooo-- yes, i rescheduled--- luckily -- yes i'm shocked as well -- i did have a little luck -- i was able to reschedule for this coming Monday. ahhhhh. right?
WRONG. i haven't broken the news to soulman yet -- but his day off is kinda shot to hell -- oops. that is soooo not a good day for me to have a place to be.
why? cuz eevee gets spayed on monday-- drop off in am.. pick up around the time soulkid gets out of school -- IF she didn't have an appointment too--- around the same time as MINE. OMG. he absolutely hates last minute crap and schedule changes to be thrown at him. and i absolutely hate to be the one delivering the news. for weeks... all he 'thought' he was gonna do monday? was take and pick up HIS dog. umm... sorry hun.
as momma used to say? ' that's the screwin ya get, for the screwin ya got."
now he gets to pick up the kid, take her to her appt, then go get the dog-- she's too big for me to handle with her all stupified on anesthesia --and he will not be a happy man for it. remember-- to go anywhere in this area -- you have to spend an hour in the car --- in ANY direction.. in traffic.
anybody want to call him and break the news???
bwa haha.
sorry i can't help but find the humor. if i don't i will cry.

holy crap-- i didn't know i would write aq book about goin to the dr. i should stop here-- but i have more to say. so just try and shut me up-- go ahead -- click on out. :)) i knew you wouldn't . y'all are great!!

so anyhow-- next ? i had to keep pushin myself even further to stay awake. it was killin me. anyone seen "A Clockwork Orange" ? good lawd that's a strange movie.. but i felt like the scene where the guy had toothpicks (or whatever) in his eyes. bleh.

but anyhow-- we ended up with the night wearing down, we went to the movies-- not without conflict or error i might add--
but we all know--
that's because -- yep-- you know.
anyhow -- finally we get there and we saw "where the wild things are"
and good Lord.. if anyone is anxious to see it-- i say wait for the DVD and see somethin else on your list!

it was so SAD! i did not remember the book being sad in any way. this entire movie was filled with SAD characters. human, or not. they were depressed!
they needed medication! it made soulkid CRY!!!
WTH kinda kid movie is THAT!

so other than needing shock therapy afterwards -- it was a good movie. as far as kid movies go.

and last but not least-- why do i say that, when it makes no sense at all to me?

anyhow-- i did 'something' to my damn shoulder yesterday. it could be any number of things. besides the kitchen that i did not clean.
but i did do a lot of other things i knew better than to do-- i won't list it-- but it was more physical than i shoulda done at this time. somehow-- i really messed up my shoulder. the rhizotomy pain had left that area and was mainly located in the back of my neck-- bad-- but pretty much out of my back , shoulder and arm... til yesterday.

ugh. it felt like i dislocated my shoulder or something. so to answer any questions about fishing??
no i did not-- and it looks as if i will not. at least for a while.

ok... i have spewed enough typage for one day-- and that didn't even include this mornings tale of woe. :))

y'all have excellent weekends in your worlds--
i will attempt to reach for the same-