Monday, January 24, 2011

someone's havin a baby!!!!!

NO - not MY baby -- my sisters baby!  the baby boy of the family was the first to marry , and now the first to have a baby!  we are all soooo excited.  i got a call from my sister a couple weeks ago , but she insisted i keep my yap shut until i got the ok to blab.  so here i am -- blabbin my head off !  'Logan" called last night and told us the news.  this will be the first new baby in the family since soulkid!  16 years!  we are thrilled.  for them and for all of us.  he is very happy and so is his new bride - Beth.  they've been married a little over a year -- maybe goin on two.  bad me - already forgot their anniversary -- i think it's june -- year before last?? ugh. shut up - i have it written down!
aren't y'all excited?  oh man i am.  i must admit - i am a little nervous too.  some of you know - but for those who don't -- soulkid was the last and only baby i have held -- or loved.  i'm kind of allergic to babies.  it's a PTSD thing.  seriously.  i don't want to get into it right now.  but it isn't for lack of wanting to 'be with babies'.  it's a real thing.  it's a physical and mental thing.  i think some healing is on the way.  i refuse to let this insane fear get between me and this baby.  

hubby and i are already talkin and planning on saving up for a trip to chicago when the baby is born.  i won't miss this for the world !  we may not be there on the birth day - that might be kind of difficult to plan out.  but we sure will be there shortly after .  a baby.  a BABY!!!   woo hoo !!!

in other news?  there is none.  nothin new anyhow.  'cept i think i had some kind of manic attack this passed few days.  i have been on some kind of money - that we don't have - spending spree .  :((  buyin furniture!  that we have no room for.  WTH??  but - on the bright side?  i got some pretty good deals.  antiques.  i think it's the headache.  yup- still have it.  maybe it's a tumor- causing me to spend money? 

i'll try to come back later and get pix up -- maybe tomorrow -- and show ya what i got.  i bet some of y'all woulda got it too.  one of em?  i got on mark down - for around fifty bucks -- walked about half the store down, saw somethin similar-- and it was 210.00 !!!  so hey - if i end up not findin a place for it - i could flip it and make some money!  i would like to keep it tho - i have wanted one for years.  cool stuff.  so check back for pix. k

anyhow -- i gotta get this party started round heah -

happy mondays in your worlds peeps-