Wednesday, September 26, 2012


boy, i'm havin one of those days.  i don't really know why.  i just don't.

maybe i do - but i am just here to put these pix up- and to say one thing

ok a couple things -

first - the pix -- they are of the floor upstairs -- somewhere on this computer i have pix of what the hell up there was before.  the carpet looked like nothing that should ever be in a home.  but it was.  but thaT must be cuz i am me.

but this is what they look like now - and beauty is only what will come.  also, because i am me -- i won't enjoy them as much as i would like -- because they are up satairs - where i never go -  because - well - i hurt.  when i went up before -- it was to clean the hell that existed - or maybe to get somethin..
buying a two story house when you have chronic pain is really a bad idea.  blogging when ya can't see isn't a very good idea either.


the other thing i wanted to say?  i shoulda known better.  nothin to do with anything really.  very cryptic i know.  but i know what i am talkin about - and that's ok.  but yeh.  someone -- has a lot of fun F-N with me... and i fall for it every damn time .  no more -- so... i guess - i just needed to 'say that out loud'. 


so aggrivating.

what else is aggrivating?  the floor folks are comin back in a while -- i don't think i can handle it again.  i really think i need to go rent a hotel room.  ugh.  just ugh.