Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WTH is WRONG with blogger???

i keep trying to leave comments--- yes call me a glutton for punishment--

but everywhere i go-- blogger eats them ALL.... wth??? anybody else havin this problem??
or is it cuz i am ME???
just askin.

wanna get really grossed out?

i thought not-- but i'll tell ya anyhow...
last night i was leaving a message for jamie.... and i had noticed a odor in my bedroom. i thought it might be dog poop-- but i hadn't seen any . so i mention.. " i smell dog shit".. just randomly.

well... this morning.. soulman comes out from getting ready for work, and he says.. i smell... i cut him off and say "dog poop"? he says " no, somethin dead, i think there may be dead rats in the attic !"

well, hell... i didn't even think of that!

besides that.. we had noticed flies in here last night. several of them.. big, like horseflies. we have never had a fly in this house. i'm sure it's natural this time of year to see a fly or two now and then.. but i'm talkin 6, maybe 7 .. giant ass , buzzing flies !

so ummm, yup. now we both think there's somethin dead in the attic.. or maybe more than one somethin dead in the attic. i haven't been up there since before we went out of town last weekend.. and boy have we had some hotttttt days lately.
i would have gone up to look this morning, but the other day when we had the bad weather, we moved so much crap around we can't bring the ladder down now. hubby was already in his work clothes this morning.. so we have to move crap after work to check tonight. he will have to move the stuff... but i'll have to go up to check. oooh imagine the FUN !

he said he would go up, of course-- but y'all know he is just a big dude-- and attics are not built to support weight like that. miss a beam..and down ya go. i would hate that for him. so me it will be. i don't mind though. i used to do that shit for a livin. i never did have to recover rat carcasses though. i just laid the poison.. the homeowner had to do the dirty work. yuk.

anyhow--- as for me... i guess i consider myself lucky this go round with the stomach and throat stuff.
i have some pain.. throat to belly-- but it's fairly mild. i wouldN'T eat solid food yet. i'll stick with soup and jello. but otherwise it;s ok. i'm not trapped in bed like last time, but a bit wobbly. so i guess i get to skip any hard labor today. :)) but i do have a lot of bills and paperwork type crap to keep me busy.

i suppose i see a nap in my future as well.. hopefully though with the bleeding now stopped i'll be feeling a bit more energy soon. i can't wait for that ... woo hoo.

anyways-- i hope y'all have really good days out there today-

thanks bunches for all your prayers-- i'm certain that is what made the difference this time !!! really!
hugs to all of ya !

OX :))