Friday, February 6, 2009

and later never came - - -

ola peeps. i'm still trying to get-- or keep in touch; it's really just been very busy here.
even now-- at 730 in the morning. ugh. i have crap that shoulda been done already. and i should be dressed and ready to head out right this minute. what am i doing instead? talkin to y'all. i like this better than gettin dressed and driving all morning, but hey-- this is how it goes sometimes. i really need to get back to making lists. i made one earlier in the week-- i think i completed ONE task that was on it-- and i doon't even know what it was. ERG.

i want my life back. yesssssss.... the one i used to bitch about all the time. i still could bitch... hell i prolly do--and just don't reckognize it.

i haven't even told y'all what was goin on during my "break". but don't worry-- i decided to keep that to myself-- and family. but i will tell ya this much-- i wasn't on a cruise-- and i wasn't havin an affair with a really hot guy. bummer-- i know people who do that-- or i have known.. i should say, but anyhow-- i'm just playin catchup -- for the five thousands time.

things kinda suck here in soulland lately. all three of us have our own shit to handle-- but it seems that none of us are really doing much to get the crap done-- or even started. of course the soulclan is the best at avoiding our own stuff-- and workin on one of the others' problems. it makes things tough. but i spose we're on the life boat now-- and not sitting idle on the sinking ship. so-- it's a start.

a couple of my peeps have had good things happen in their lives-- and i hope for each of them comes whatever it is they need from it.

anyhow-- i spose i'm just checkin in.

this is me-- waving hello--and goodbye to y'all... i gotta get crackin before i'm late. ugh. my middle name lately is LATE.. or not at all.

so i am outtah heah.

be happy in your worlds today--

and i will try to catchup with y'all later this afternoon.

and hey-- if you ended up with one of those yarri invites-- i don't know how it hit like all of my address book. but it did-- and i only accepted a couple invitations-- and sent an invite to soulman to see if it worked. obviously-- everyone got one.
i don't know how it works yet-- so someone needs to grab me later,

til then...
ores vois