Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 minute stone soup -

yep y'all, i am aware that i am a few days behind in posting. sorry. lots been goin on, i think i may be caught up-- well at least a little with myself. i still have a ten mile long list of things i MUST do. without picking and choosing. or procrastinating. it is no longer a to-do list -- it's a have to do list. maybe a do-or-die list. yep. down to the wire list. i'm feelin the pressure now. but hey-- i've been busy. if not busy in the true sense of the word? i been flat out in pain and unable to perform anything above or beyond the bare minimum required of me ... if that.

so. i really gotta pick up the pace around here.
starting with takin the kid to school in like 5 minutes or so... and immediately following that? heading straight to a dr appointment. nothin big. just a pain doc follow up. and med refill. they may throw in a pee test. never know. not ike that worries me any tho. just a bit embarrassing sometimes. seems i'd be used to it. but i just think that's a little personal-- peein in a cup . ya know.

so -- what else? oh -- the update on the police stuff? i did go out and 'claim my crap'
that's about what it was too. my ear rings weren't there for me. it looks like too many people claimed those. or something. i think there were two pair-- but everybody wanted them. told ya they were common. so those happen to be goin to court. along with me, and i have no clue how many other people. i don't know how i'm sposed to prove their mine-- or not-- or how others will -- or not. i have a couple pix of me wearin em. that's the best i can do. maybe other folks won't think to bring a photo?? who knows. not me. and they have no idea when that court day will be.

and about the mystery tv-- i let it be known i didn't claim a tv first thing-- they already knew it was an error-- so i'm happy to be an honest person, and not have gone in there lookin like a dumbass 'tryin' to reclaim a tv -- that they knew already wasn't mine. phew-- i love bein me. re`tard or not (say it like the hangover movie did-- no disrespect to anybody -- that movie was just gooood )

in other news??? hmmm. OH! i'm planning-- or trying to plan.. a mom and daughter mini vacation. just a few days away for spring break. over thanksgiving -- they had a daddy daughter trip to austin. i stayed behind. so it's momy daughter trip time. she wanted to go back to austin again -- :)) thrill me -- i've been like three times, but was still willing to go -- but in my research, there's some huge festival, the hotels are all jacked up like crazy -- all over 120.00 a night, and full. so it looks like austin may be out -- any ideas will be appreciated. sea world has already been decided against-- because of my last whiplash on the roller coaster-- i'm just no fun in theme parks with a kid. so kill me.

so ideas yes throw them out-- minimal driving from DFW-- minimal walking -- and mucho fun factor for the soulkid -- ugh-- there-in lies the problem. young energetic money spending shoppin fool-- and me-- crippled, easily tiring, handicapped, people phobic soul.

haelP ----- she is interested in haunted stuff-- ghost hunting etc-- i found a haunted restaurant on a blog not far from home we may check out.

anyhow-- it is past time to get out of here-- i can't even spell check or edit-- hope you can figure out my chicken scratch --

happy day in your worlds --

i'll be back-