Wednesday, January 7, 2009

don't drink the water !!!

oh my Lord.. i had been warned about the water here in the great state of iowa --- but i had no idea that it would be so bad, that it would cause flashbacks of a most terrible time in Hell (NM), just from the very first--- and last -- taste of it. can we say *GAG* ? i'm not kidding either. the water here is only comparable to moriarty , NM...and Big Spring TX. both of whoch would make you choose a long and painful death from dehydration, before drinking the slew they call "fresh tap water".

ok, now that that is outta my system... on to bigger and better things.

i am still at jamies' place-- well, obviously. i leave for home on saturday morning. i think i have travelers remorse-- kind of the afterthought of leaving so much responsibility behind... and being so far from hubby and kid.... but at the same time--- it's actually relaxing here. and y'all know i just love jamie to death.. but it's a very rare occasion to visit face to face. so, i'm likin it. hopefully she won't throw me out on my head before my flight is scheduled. cuz , well.. "i got no place else to go ":))
we are two tired and gimpy gals-- as opposed to wild and crazy , which is what we would be had this been twenty years ago... but we still have fun, and she still makes me laugh like no one can. all she has to do is laugh-- (snort)-- to make me laugh.
so our plan today will be-- i beleive -- to drive to her old place of residence-- a couple hours from here -- and take care of some business she has there. that oughtta be real fun. both of us, owwwchin and ooochin the whole way.;)
perhaps we'll go roller skating or go cart riding to take the monotiny out of a day while i'm here.
hahahahahahaha yes i am kidding-- but could you picture it? i have-- but it aint pretty.

it's so good to see her, y'all, you just don't know. it makes me proud of my soulman first of all.. that i do have a husband, and father who can be trusted in the situation i left behind.. to handle things, and handle them well. he has never not "let me" go anywhere when i asked-- or said i was or needed to go... but i do know that it is not easy for him at this point to be home alone, me here, and soulkid in friggin rehab. not to mention-- sushi is in heat! LOL
but at the same time-- i think it is also time that he needs for himself. to get his own mind clear and do something he really wants to do for himself-- that normally can't, or won't because of me or the kid, or whatever. such as jam out on his guitar-- which usually gives me an instant headache and drives me out of earshot.. which makes him feel bad. he won't have to worry about my noise issues for a few days-- and i really do think he will enjoy that.
insert hendrix here-- cuz this thing won't
let me move it---
obviously i don't have my laptop--
i carried as little as i possible could.
and he can play his x-box full blast--to his hearts content..without headphones.. omg, i still want to shoot that thing sometimes... but i'm gettin used to it. so he can blast that thing too-- and talk as much as he wants to the other guys on there.. without feeling laughed at--which he is everytime he plays -- :))
other than all that stuff-- all's well here. and at home. the kid is fine, the ole man is fine-- and jamie is -- well, she's jamie :)) -- nah -- she's good too.
and me? welp-- i'm good too.
and lookin sooo forward to this day trip today that you just don't understand!!!
woo hoo!
happy humpday folks--
i've killed her laptop battery --
catchya later---