Sunday, January 24, 2010

movie reviews and other spews

hiya peeps-
how's your sunday so far? hope it's goin well.
here? still just smokin, and chokin. so i haven't given it much thought yet. that could be a good thing tho- i reckon. nothin too pressing goin on at the moment. hot coffee, plenty of cancer sticks-- nice warm fire burnin in the fire place-- what more could a gal ask for? not a lot. i'm good.

so anyhow-- yeh, we went to the movies last night, and watched
'the lovely bones.'

and i honestly am not sure how to 'critique' it for you. not without my own bias gettin in the way. too much of it hit me in a personal way. i almost wanted to leave without even finishing it. but-- i had to consider stez and the kid -- and simply didn't want to cause a scene by even bringing up the issue of how uncomfortable i was.

i don't know what audience to suggest see this movie-- but i can tell you that the three of us all with different perspectives and backgrounds-- had the same two words to sum it up, that we agreed on. what were they? "intense", and "disturbing".

so---- i reckon it's your call, if you choose to see it. but i guarantee-- if you are a parent-- a child-- or a 'victim of abuse' you won't walk away unscathed.

that's the best i can do on that. you decide.

anyways-- i can say that it was nice to get out for an evening with my family. it's been a little while since we've done that. so at least that part was a success . after the movie we went to a nearby boarders book store. i got a magazine, the kid (yes i know-- she needs a better name--- perhaps i may just go back to soulkid for her-- it works.) --- when hubby and i picked up brezz and stez-- the name my nephew chose for her was "Easy D" -- i just never could go with that one. especially now , at her age.

so -- we had a coffee, and hung out there til they closed around 9 pm. came home - jammied up- did a little cruisin and checkin email and stuff-- by then , i noticed it was like 10:30-- way past this ole ladies bed time- so i hit the sack.

and guess what-- here i am. :))

oh-- ya wanna see somethin i picked up-- well i paid for it of course -- i got it at boarders last night-- i couldn't pass it up-- even tho i'm not really 'soul' anymore-- i think a part of me always will be. that name made me feel almost as cool as my dog thinks i am. :))

isn't it CUTE!? this is one of those things that i could hold onto for the rest of my life -- unopened. BUT-- y'all know, unless i want to hide it- and never be able to look at it-- that won't happen. it's only a matter of time before my child -- while my back is turned of course--- ravages it! :)) bleh.
what do we say here folks? yep--- "can't have nuthin"
i'll let ya know how long it lasts before she "oh i didn't know you didn't wanna open it" gets to it :))

so. a couple more things before i let ya go:

i have some built ins that are similar to these.

and i came across these --the above/and below before and after pix
of this painting project-

i really like the blue. we don't have glass doors on ours they're just open
but i love the color. it's so much more lively--- at least I think so.
( i wouldn't wanna block it with all the 'stuff' tho)

but what do y'all think?
do you think i would have to paint the entire room (the LR)- that color?
or could i get away with the blue built ins-- in a 'white' room?
i am NO interior decorator. by ANY means.
i was much more inspired and creative when i was younger.


ok-- i won't take anymore of your time--
except for this--
i just want to remind you how much you love sushi :))
i swear she's lost her gourd :))
but we love her.

kinda makes ya think of me eh?

bwa hhahhahahahahahaha

happy sundays in your worlds peeps-