Sunday, January 16, 2011

fill in the blanks? i AM the blank!

howdy folks-
what are you doin up at this hour?  i'm askin myself the same question.  i was actually sleepin pretty good up until about half an hour or so ago. that's when it happened. i woke up - for no reason at all.  not new for me.  it's nearly a nightly occasion for me -- and usually happens several times during the night.  i'm about to go nuts because of it.  i couldn't tell ya the last time i slept a full night through.  it gets very irritating.  and draining.  and it is making me become one bitchy soul.  anyhow.  like i said -- sleepin like a baby-- then suddenly wide awake!  hubby was sound asleep next to me, but the cats - two of them were raising havoc.. climbing all over each of our bed tables -- scrounging for water glasses.  i got smart and got a sports bottle for mine -- or when i do use a glass - i set in in my drawer and close it just tight enough that if the cats get it - it doesn't spill over.  i don't know what's come over them.  they didn't used to do this.  now it's every night.  anyhow - there i am.. just waitin for them to spill somethin, i of course had a freakin migraine - again.  so- i smoke a cig, hopin to relax the headache away and just fall asleep.  did it happen?  oh hell no.  first- jitterbug, does spill a glass of water on hubby's table.  i 'hissed' at her - that woke up hubby - he was pissed cuz of course he was sleepin real good.  but he had to save his cell phone - and check for any other potential damage or hazards over there due to the spillage.  you know that did wonders for my attempting to relax my headache away.  it instantly got worse. even into my neck.  of course he was back to sleep in three minutes or less.. and the next thing i knew -- i'm stabbing an imitrex shot in my leg !  i then went ahead and got up to give the damn cats some water -- to stop the insanity!  once i was UP- i was UP.  and guess what?  here i am.
the good news? my headache is gone.. and i think gettin on the computer was a big mistake-- cuz i'm not tired anymore.  :((   perhaps a xanax will be in order shortly.  i have too much on my list for tomorrow to spend it catching up on a bad nights sleep.

some good news?  soulkids jeep is now paid off and in our drive-way!  phew.  well, one would think.  but- there was a couple things soulman failed to tell me when we bought it.  well.. i knew it needed carb work.. it came with parts tho- and i know he can fix those.  so i thought - no big deal.  but... yeh, another 'but', now that it's here , and i thought she would be rollin on her very own wheels in like two days?  ummm, well.... no.  that won't happened.  it has never needed to be smogged- emissions tested.  guess what -- it now needs to be - before we can register it.  and with a bad carb-- and maybe fuel pump- or filter probs -- no tellin when - or how long it will take to get it in that kinda shape.  especially on soulmans schedule.  oooh yay!

do i need to tell y'all the i have not let soulkid drive my car since the accident?  i didn't think so- but just in case -- i haven't.  soulman lets her drive his -- but she has not and will not touch mine.  so far- no problems -- except for the fact, that every time she goes anywhere -- i'm in a constant panic attack!  if he wasn't such a sucker- she wouldn't drive at all til her jeep was on the road-- with liability only insurance!  ugh.  i can't go through another wreck.  just worrying about another is about to put me in the ground.  erg!

other than that?  i guess i shall go back to bed. i hope i can get back to sleep.  soulkid is graduating high school -- did y'all ever think the day would come?  i am so proud of her!  that will be on the fifth- and her gramma is coming on the 4th to watch and visit a few days.  do you think my house is 'guest ready'?
if you said 'hell no'  you'd be correct.  it's close.  but the upstairs -- the soulkid cave -- looks like hell ran through-- five dozen times.  and downstairs just needs a good organizing and 'spring cleaning. '  but at the rate i move these days-- i'll be lucky to finish before my mommason arrives. 

do y'all think i worry too much?  i'm sure it'll all get done.  i just panic alot.  about everything.

haelP me-

g'night peeps -
i'll catch ya 'round sometime soon.
happy days to ya -- sunday i hope... if you're up now-- go back to bed dammit!