Sunday, July 20, 2008

third attempt at gettin this post up --

now that my new news is old news -- it just doesn't seem like i should even bother posting it-- but-- it's all i have to talk about right now... so you're stuck with it --

let's start with yesterday -
i actually got my kitchen cleaned up -
i know, i am as shocked as y'all --
but this may shock you even more.
it sure shocked soulkid.
her response?
"who does that??"
to what was she referring to?
well that, would be THIS -

i've threatened to do it a thousand times-
but i finally did it.
i threw all my damned dishes in the garbage !

even the animals stared at me in disbelief,
that i had crossed over the edge-
mom was finally
and had now done something -
well a bit outrageous-

the child fled, the animals scattered,
and hubby washed the pans etc, that i did have sense enough
to NOT throw away-

which left me the time to clean my fridge -
which desperately needed it-
from the rotten bell pepper that i feared the thought of touching -
to the smoothie from taco bell - which i do not recommend btw-
that was spilled for God knows how long in the entire lower half of the fridge--
to include under the veggie bins -- which as you know is the hardest part to clean.

last time my fridge looked like that-
i was movin in here-
and it was empty-

i also watered my plant-
anybody know what it's called?
it's the only live plant in this place-
my first attempt in several years to keep something aside from a child alive.
so far so good.
but i think it needs a bigger pot.
just afraid i'll kill it if i move it.

after all that --
and a little more-
and trying to nap, but failing-
we decided to go to the store to replace our dishes.
i thought it would take ten minutes to pick out some dishes and be done -
ummm.. not.
we're us, remember-
we ended up at two stores.. and still found nothin worth a crap -
so we left-- with no dishes -- but planning to go today to get some.
but i did manage to find the most coolest shirt ever --
wanna see?

and you know i had to get it -
and i did.

i had actually cooked a real meal last night too -
just lost the order where it belongs in here-
somewhere between --
ahh yes... my failed nap - and the dish shopping fiasco.
we got home from the store just in time to finish it up --
and eat it on our fine china ware-
yep - only the best paper plates for us.
we had cornish hens, stuffing, and corn.
and man-o-man was is yummy.

then - we went fishin -

of course i didn't catch anything.
i did miss several. i'm just slow lately i guess.
hubby got 2 or 3.
and i ended up leaving my shoes there when i left.
cuz i ended up steppin in some very smelly - gooey- mossy- mud.
blech ...

even eevee wonered
WTF... moms favorite shoes?

so yep-- that was yesterday-
i finally did make it to bed-
but sleeping was out of the question apparently .

i went to bed like this-

i was up every five minutes between midnight and 230-
when i finally gave up- and got up-

i was like this-- but worse-
so i took a imitrex shot-- and drank a bunch of coffee-
and in a couple hours i felt a bit better.
enough to think some fresh air mught help me feel better.

so i bet you guess what i did right?


but as for the rest of my day?
it has been a totally nuthing day.
i was hot as hell by the time i left the pond-
not to mention dyin of thirsty-
and ready to fall asleep and fall in with the fishies--
so i came on home, cooled off, drank, ate--
and yall know me well enough by now to know where i ended up-

in bed--
for like 2 or 3 hours--
maybe more.

i got up around 5 pm ish-
and by 9 i was back in bed !

by 11:30- back up--
wide awake-
it's 12:50 a.m. now almost--
and i am about to try to go back to sleep-
but somethin tells me
i won't be very successful.
and will be cruisin around here in a couple more hours-

so, i reckon i will go now-

happy weeks peeps-