Thursday, June 25, 2009

what the hell are you doin up? go to bed-

well, that would be unless you're like me right now, and
CAN'T sleep. just as i predicted , a day or two ago.
i'm not, however, packing.
and i don't plan to.
at least not tonight.

oh i am soooo pissed right now. i have been writin up a storm for like half an hour or more and i just hit some button and LOST ALL of it-- except that stupid intro up there. now that i'm finally feeling tired-- i aint even gonna mess with it.

so-- long story short?

  1. i woke up at like 4 a.m again. which is pissin me off.
  2. i smoked and coffeed -- aka-- smoke and choked til the rest of the gang woke up.
  3. then guess where we went? yep you guessed it-- house hunting. which is about to kill me .
  4. we looked at like 6 homes-- two were reruns.
  5. one we came "this close " to getting.
  6. then we realized it was just too much house, and it neded too much . nothin major really-- just stuff.Align Left
  7. and stuff that would have to be done right away.
  8. like paint, carpet in one room, possibly a back door-- it was warped and barely wanted to open.
  9. plus it had a master bedroom biger than a fancy hotel had a sitting room, bedroom, two gigantoid walk in closets-- that could have been bedrooms.. it was just used. so rather that get rid of stuff-- i'd have to be buying furniture for that room, and other rooms that just neded to be something. it was a huge one story house-- we all liked it-- but later, after looking at the taxes-- we decided no way.
  10. soooo-- what's the plan? i think we will be countering the counter , and see what happens.
  11. i'll let ya know when i know--
anyhowfolks-- i am now officially ready for bed.
hope you all have--or had good nights.
see ya manyana-