Sunday, February 10, 2008

things that make ya go hmmmmm

Well… happy Sunday peeps…

I don’t know about y’all but today just feels weird already. Not sure how to explain what I mean by that yet—but maybe I’ll get there. We’ll see.

It’s 7 A.M. .. Sunday of course-- everything seems “off” already. Ever since I woke up at 5 (ish). For one.. 5 is a bit late for me, but I have been sleeping til then (ish) for a few days it seems. I think maybe I have been staying awake later though too, so maybe that has something to do with that part—but it still feels a bit strange. I usually am up before , or around 4.

This morning.. I woke up… and nothing felt right. I didn’t even feel like I was in the right place. Ya know what I mean? Just a bit out of it I think. Maybe shaking off a dream that I couldn’t remember. Not sure. Then I noticed hubby wasn’t there in bed… but it only took a second to remember that he had to leave around 230 for the fishing tournament. But normally I hear him leave- or wake up when he kisses me goodbye--- (without fail)… but I didn’t this morning. I don’t remember a thing.

Then I get up, and (spot) the cat is sleeping in the bathroom, and jitterbug, the other cat, is sleeping on top of an oversized footlocker at the foot of my bed. Normally jitterbug Is IN the bed—and spot is UNDER the bed. Sushi—she usually goes to bed with me, but when soulkid goes to bed, she kidnaps her and takes her to her room. So , that was nothing new to find her in their, and put her outside.

Anyhow—I just had a strange “feeling”. And when I got online.. to check on peeps, and have my morning “cawfee tawk” (slash) smoke n choke with Jamie—she is nowhere to be found. So, of course I begin to worry—as y’all know—she is awake before the chickens almost everyday—like 3 A/M--- and here it is after 7 and nothin.

So—I answer comments here—and make my rounds—not much new stuff—anywhere. More strangeness. No new news since yesterday a.m.??

It just seems strangely quiet here. In my house—and in blogland. Even sushi came back from outside and disappeared again—she usually gets under my old lady blanky in my chair in the mornings. Every morning. Haven’t even seen her since I let her in.

All this, and – a migraine for breakfast. WTH is UP with all the headaches lately?

What is UP with a lot of stuff?


Aha---- Jamie sprung to life—(this is the latest she has slept since I have known her btw)

we talked a while. Now I feel a bit more like I am in a regular day--- but not still.

I have a shopping date with soulkid later on today. Y’all would be surprised how fast a kid can clean a total disaster area when they really want something. :))

We’d been planning a trip to mall hell for a week now—because soulman has his fishing tournament, and really, she and I just need to spend some time together.

It seems like a long time since we have done anything, just the two of us. It has been a long time. So , even though I hate the mall—and already fear the walking, and probable arguing—I am looking forward to our day together.

Well anyhow—I spose that is all I got for now. The mall here doesn’t open til friggin noon, so I just may have a look around and see if hubby happened to have left me a decent fishing rod—and tackle. If so I MAY go fish a while, til the girl wakes up.

But, I am not feeling very hopeful that I will find a rod worth fishing with—usually a tournament day—means every good setup—and every decent bait we own.. is gone.

So—whatever will I do with myself? Read my book maybe. Which btw—is pretty good—but totally NOT what I expected. I do seem to read faster when I can see though.

So, hopefully, it will get interesting again and I just may finish it by tonight. If so—this will be the fastest I have read a book—in literally years.

Is it the book—or the cheap glasses???



I do hope you all have good days today=

Mall hell and all – I will try