Thursday, April 1, 2010

what i know - what i don't know

howdy peeps. how are y'all today? hopin everything is good in your world. warm and sunny? it is at least that, here. so, that's one for the positive side.
so. most of y'all know that i went to the dr. this morning. for those who don't know? you know now. right? k. well, yes i did. i went to see my pain management dr. i went because i have a steroid injection for my back still scheduled for this coming monday 4-5-10. i also have a ride at the ready - who would be the one and only Audrey. as my soulman will be out of town and unavailable to drive me. and also- i am really hoping that my kid will be in school

anyhow-- when the office called the other day, to discuss my co-payment due at the time of the shots, well, i nearly dropped dead. it was - and will be apparently -- 500 bucks, weather it be the shots , or whatever other procedure they deem necessary -- plus an additional 150.00 for anesthesiology. terrific. right? well, i thought at that time, WTH - what if i don't need a shot- but what if something else is goin on? right? i'm thinkin this to myself. but of course i ask to talk to the lady that schedules this stuff- and i ask her -- i end up with an appointment for today. well. of course todays 9 A.M appointment -- turns out to be an aaaal day affair. geesh . no kiddin. i left home at 830-- didn't get back til 230 or 3 o'clock. worn to my bones -- and to be honest -- i really could go to sleep right now. i'm whooped.

anyhow-- the dr appointment went ok.... until a few things happened.
1st , i get lectured for - self raising my meds. hell, i told her i did it. i also talked to her last time i was there about needing a stronger med -- possibly -- cuz these just weren't workin as well anymore. i've built a tolerance, and they aren't mych better than a big dose of aspirin. so we had to discuss all that. y'all know i love that. but i brought my bottles/pills with me -- she was ok with everything, and did temporarily change me to something stronger -- until we find out exactly what's goin on with my back.

it also, just happened to be time for my random urinalysis -- i never worry about that - cuz a -- it's not like in the navy when ya get watched - and ya feel all self conscience about havin to pee in a cup. or b- i don't do anything i'm not rx'd - so that's no big deal. so i go to go pee-- i have to pee... i cannot pee. cannot. not will not- cannot.
we discuss THAT. is it my back? is it my kidneys? is it a UTI? WTF? why can i not pee? then it comes to -- you can't leave til you pee enough for the test. very little - i drink a glass of water - we discuss things etc. even bs a little to chill out. finally, i'm able to pee -- like barely a little. and that was a chore.
she starts talkin lab work. and MRI. etc.

i expected the MRI . on fact i wanted one. cuz i know somethin is goin on.

but-- this not bein able to pee? no-- never in my life has that happened to me.
aaaand ...? yesterday -- soulkid was makin cookies and wanted me to hang out in the kitchen with her. she even took the desk chair- with wheels on it in there for me. while i was goin in there -- just for grins, i got on the scales. i don't weigh often.. unless i'm havin a 'fat day'. well, i just got on the scales - just cuz. my jaw dropped.
i won't say exactly what my weight is..... but i will say it's under 120. i don't remember a day that i have been under 120. even in NM , when i was at my most ill point.... i was still above 120. am i concerned? ummmm, yeh.

i have labs scheduled for tomorrow, the MRI is done, and has a rush on it - to be sent over by 5 today to my dr.

so yeh. whothehell knows? not me. waitin on the docs.

hmmmm. i think i need to just go lay down and let this sink in a little. whatever 'this' might be.

i shall keep you informed.

latah folks