Friday, July 16, 2010

howdy folks - is it friday yet?

what's happenin in your world peoples? hope it's all goin smoothe and well. happy too?

here? hmmm. pretty much the same as usual, for lately. cept the fact that it looks like i just need to get used to usin 'explorer' for anything blog related. no. i am not happy about that. i also realize there's not much i can do about it either. so, i shall adapt. if i do anything well, adapting is at the top of my list. like a cat i spose. my entire life has been about 'change'. so much so -- if i were around back in the day -- i could have authored "The Serenity Prayer".

(which BTW - if F'N explorer worked the way mozilla DID - i would have put RIGHT HERE)

but as you can see -- i can't post on mozilla. i have to post on explorer -- which i am sure many of YOU do, and have done since the beginning of time. i bet y'all don't have these issues. do ya? bet y'all cut and paste, copy and cut and paste, all day long. huh? well... not me. don't ask me why either. cuz i can't tell ya why. soulman just spent at least an hour trying to fix this issue with my computer. to no avail. obviously. all 'we' came to discover? is that it involves 'google analytics' - and it is damn near impossible to get rid of. he tried and tried, to the point of gettin too irritated to go any further - for the time being. i don't even know WTF google analytics IS, save the fact that the only thing i have problems with on mozilla is BLOGGER. the main thing i use on here. the other being my banks and bills - occasionally facebook. my main contact with the world outside my front door is right HERE. with y'all. and some damn 'bug' or somethin has to mess up all of it and piss me off. ERG. i don't like bein pissed off. i like it when i can be all lalalalala and dumbassy. ya know? i hate to be all serious and angry all the time. it's just not how i want to be. and right now i don't need this shit. i need the distraction of bein a 'nut' as one of my pals calls me. it doesn't take much to entertain me. but lately i have been just wound too damn tight. so much so -- i backed out on plans to go on the boat and fish today. it's gotta be a first for me. well.. i prolly have done it before - but i bet only if i was sick or somethin. today i just have the blahs. plus --

i had the belly MRI this morning. it went alright. only thing that bothered me was i kept havin to hold my breath -- and folks i tell ya -- this smokin for most of my life has surely done me NO favors at all. i kept thinkin that if i were to ever 'drown' i'd go fast. i didn't count or anything, but really she pushed me to my limits of how long i could hold my breath, that's fo shizzle. it almost hurt at times.

anyhow--- i'll let ya know what they say when i hear back. she did tell me to drink a lot of water today though- and during the test - same as the one last week - i got an IV.. so i kinda figured along with that and the bah hum bugs today - why put myself in a situation where i might dehydrate? right. so as i write this i do wish i were fishin.. but it is pushin 100 degrees this afternoon, i'm kinda happy to be inside .

i would like to say that THIS was my final medical rodeo for a while. sad to say it was not. i mentioned the neck problems in one of recent posts - maybe the last one? well... i am scheduled for a "occipital block", for this coming Monday. can't wait. yeh. that's sarcasm. i haven't even googled it yet. sounds painful. also, i have researched that set of nerves and muscles a million times over the last few years. (occipital nerves, etc). they control and manage a LOT of what we do-- mainly without thought. like SEE. walk. move our hands and feet. and so much more. i have to go three times. prolly over the next six weeks. monday obviously #1. am i nervous? you bet yer ass i am. that's why i haven't 'seen' dr. google yet. i worry enough already. what if i go blind? what if i can't move my head? what if it HURTS for WEEKS or MONTHS - like the rhizotomy did? what if it ruins my plans to go to visit my family in arkansas? i haven't seen my nephews in a very long time! what if i am able to go - but can't DO anything? this is not to mention that each needle i take is costing us 150.00 ! plus -- i figured out that THIS is the place that wants near 350.00 .. and unfortunately, NOT the place that i paid 303.00 to right before TN. nope THAT went to the place that just did the belly scan. i'm just screwed y'all. i am in a pit of medical and financial HELL.

and ya know what else? i just realized i'm hungry. my neck fuckin hurts! my house looks like hell ran thru -- 180090 times! i have been crying almost daily for five days -- for things i would laugh at on any other day. i am crawling under rocks that i hurl at someone on any other day. what is happening to ME guys?

is it age? pain? fed - up-ness? i'm t-i-r-e-d. of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

just love meh.

spose i'll feed my face and check up on you folks in a bit.

hope you all are happy in your worlds today --

it IS fried-day !!! whooooooT

happy weekends to you -